Steps To Create A Company In Ajman Free Zone

For many people worldwide, starting a business or a company of their own is a big decision. It takes lots of planning, understanding of the market and the inherent risks to ensure success. Doing this in the UAE can surely be an ambitious decision, as it may seem like a costly affair, especially for ex-pat investors. However, if you plan to establish a business in the UAE, you should be aware of the Ajman Free Zone license.

Ajman Free Zone

Ajman is one of the smallest Emirate in the UAE and is known for an economy based on maritime fishing and trading. However, with the development activities being witnessed across the UAE, Ajman has the largest Dhow building yard in the UAE. The port and the Ajman Free Zone provide an excellent opportunity for companies looking to grow in the region and set up a base in the UAE.

Being an Ajman Freezone Company

It will have its own set of benefits, and setting up a business here is easy and affordable. Many business owners have limited knowledge of the procedures required to set up a business and need the right guidance to set up the company.

With Shuraa Business Setup, you can rest assured as we provide trusted and customized consulting to help you when setting up a business in the UAE or the Ajman Free Zone. So if you are looking for some assistance with the Ajman Free Zonelicense or set up here is all that you need to know.

Why opt for an Ajman Free Zone license?

The Ajman Free Zone was officially established in 1988 and is one of the most recent but fast-growing free zones in the UAE. Compared to other free zones within the UAE, the Ajman Free Zone license is affordable and provides crucial benefits.

An Ajman Free Zone company has the same legal status inside the UAE as any other in imports, exports, contracts, Ajman Free Zone visas, e-commerce or any other facilities. The zone is specifically aimed at investors and entrepreneurs who are looking for the crucial benefits it provides.

Some of these benefits include:

     100% foreign ownership

     Meager handling charges

     Allowed to do business in the UAE

     An Ajman company can hold an account in any bank in the UAE

     It helps boost the chances of getting an Ajman Free Zone visa or a resident/investor/business visa in the UAE

     Lowest lease prices

     World-class infrastructure

     Lowest tariffs in the region

     Low labor cost

An Ajman Free Zone Trade License helps foreign investors open their company and do business or trade within the UAE or abroad. Since the Ajman Free Zone license has the same benefits as cost efficiency benefits, it is ideally targeted for foreign investors or small-scale/early-stage business owners.

What is the process for setting up an Ajman Free Zone company?

To set up an Ajman Free Zone company, you need to ensure that you have all the required documentation in place. While the UAE regulations may seem strict, they are enforced only to protect businesses and customers' needs. With proper understanding and complete transparency, the entire process is very straightforward.

When applying for an Ajman Free Zone license, you need to first understand the type of organization you are. These could be:

     Smart Offices - Suitable investment for startups and entrepreneurs or small businesses. The cost of a smart office is lower, and you can start a business immediately while also getting numerous other benefits.

     Executive Offices - For larger organizations who need up to 5 or more employment visas and an executive office strategically located in the Ajman Business Center. The company can get access to excellent facilities, parking, and security within the business center.

     Warehouses - Those looking to invest in Ajman Free Zone for opening a warehouse and gaining access to other service facilities.

     Lands - For those who are interested in investment and trade zones of lands that are to be used for industrial and commercial purposes.

Once you know your Ajman Free Zone company's purpose, you will need to follow the relevant procedures to get the license. For the Ajman Free Zone licenses, you will be required to provide some documentation like:

     Names of at least 3 individuals to get the company name approved

     Valid passport of all the founders (with at least 6-month Visa)

     Passport size photographs of the applicants

     No objection certificate from the sponsor, if the applicant is a UAE resident as an employee

     The business plan and requirements in case of Industrial or Service license

Note that the above documents are subject to change as per updates to UAE regulations. For a complete understanding of the process and the documentation, it is suggested to speak with an expert and get the right guidance.

With Shuraa, you are provided with all the details and know-how to set up your company and start your business in the UAE or the Ajman Free Zone. With all the documents, licenses, and necessary checks in place, you do not have to worry about anything and focus on your business needs.

Shuraa has helped multinational companies and small/medium-size organizations with government and regulatory needs in the UAE. Be it assistance with a governmental document or UAE registrations, an expert consultant at hand can help you safeguard your company from any discrepancies. Any lapses in the documentation or other requirements can lead to the cancellation of the license and so is best avoided.

Ready to start your own company? Explore the Ajman Business Setup Package to get started!

With up to 50% savings on the company setup requirements, the Ajman Free Zone license is in huge demand, especially in recent times. With Shuraa's exclusive offerings, you can easily set up an Ajman Free Zone company and kickstart your business with ease. The entire process can be hassle-free and affordable, with expert consultation by your side at every stage of the process.

Want to company set up in the Ajman Free Zone or any other Emirates in the UAE? Or do you want to get a recommendation on the choice based on your company's exclusive needs? One should know that setting up a business involves a lot of paperwork and an in-depth understanding of the country's free zones. What's more, many are not aware of the procedures or the costs involved.

Whatever your question or queries, Shuraa's business setup services ensure you get all the proper recommendations and expert advice whenever you need it. You can write to or call Shuraa experts at +971 44081900 or send a WhatsApp message on +971 50 777 5554 to get started!



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