Terry Selb of American Tax Solutions Explains Why Retirement Planning Is Necessary

Terry Selb of American Tax Solutions recently explained the importance of retirement planning to maximize the golden years.

Young people often find it difficult to imagine their retirement years. Financial expert Terry Selb explained that many don't see the point in retirement planning when they should live life to the fullest now. The owner and operator of American Tax Solutions recently discussed the importance of retirement planning, even for those whose retirement is in the distant future.

Terry Selb of American Tax Solutions

Comfort and Dignity

One of the primary purposes of retirement planning is to live a more dignified and comfortable life in retirement. For some, that means traveling and seeing the world. For others, it's the opportunity to finally relax at home with loved ones.

Retirement planning allows individuals to fulfill some of their lifelong goals without clocking in and out at work every day.


Some individuals take it upon themselves to save for retirement at home. However, they don't take into account the inevitable amount of inflation that will occur.

Costs are continuously rising, and saving in a way that doesn't grow the money means the individual is actually losing it over time. This can result in a drastically lower standard of living in retirement than the individual would have had if they invested properly.


Terry Selb and his team at American Tax Solutions understand that many Americans prefer to be independent. Aging adults no longer want to rely on their children for money in retirement.

Retirement planning with qualified professionals allows retirees to remain responsible for their expenses. It also means they don't need to rely on loved ones that may not be as reliable or generous as once expected. Retirement planning leaves less up to chance.

"As a culture, we're all becoming increasingly independent," Selb said. "Young people want to go off on their own, and aging adults want to be responsible for themselves. Retirement planning allows everyone their independence."

Emergencies Happen

As humans age, health issues become more common. United States healthcare costs are extremely expensive, and a single emergency could deplete someone's retirement savings.

Retirement planning with a professional can ensure individuals and families are prepared for healthcare inflation and rising retail costs. It can also help pay for health emergencies without sacrificing money allotted for other retirement goals.

Consider a Retirement Planning Professional Like Terry Selb and American Tax Solutions

Help from a retirement planning professional is invaluable. Selb and his team dedicate themselves to helping individuals live healthier, happier, more dignified lives in retirement.

"Starting to plan for retirement at a young age makes the entire process easier and more successful," Selb explained. "Talk to one of our experts about starting your retirement plan to prepare for a more enjoyable life down the road."

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