Fresh Notes Bank Codes 2019 - State Bank Of Pakistan Fresh Notes

Fresh Notes Bank Codes 2019

Pakistan's state bank has announced that new bank notes will be available for Eid Fitr accounts from May 20 to May 31.

New tickets are available from 1,700 travel agencies in 142 cities. Availability is also guaranteed in State Bank’s six field offices.

To receive new submissions, interested people can pre-register before going to the designated facility. The registration process is as follows:

 Step-1: The Type here your CNIC number along with the branch code of your near bank, and send this to 8877

(Example: [42000-1234567-9 ABC123] send to 8877)

Message charges are Rs.2 plus tax

Step-2: You will receive a message containing a Code, address of the relevant branch and expiry date of the claim.

Step-3: You can visit the given branch along with your Original CNIC and a photocopy and the SMS code provided by 8877 SMS, to obtain fresh notes before the expiry date mentioned in the SMS.



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