Leland Sandler Says Coaching Taught Him These Valuable Lessons

Business coaches can impart a lot of wisdom, but coaches also learn a lot on the job too, as leadership coach Leland Sandler explains.

If you want to get ahead in life, it helps to have a coach who can guide you along the way. That’s just as true for business executives as it is for sports teams. Coaches often have a lot of experience and knowledge, and coaching itself can be an enlightening experience. Professional coach Leland Sandler provides insights.

Leland Sandler

“The best manager doesn’t need to be the smartest person in the room. Likewise, a coach doesn’t need to be the most talented or skilled person on the field or in the conference room,” notes Leland Sandler. “What’s crucial is getting people to perform at their best, which means inspiring folks to go above and beyond.”

So what goes into being an inspiring leader? For leaders, it can be tempting to get caught up in the flow. Whether you’re playing a sports game, say basketball, or managing a department, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture and the objective reality. This makes it harder for a leader to coordinate different parties.

Fortunately, coaches often have a more detached view. As a business and leadership coach, you must have a clear, objective view of your clients, their business, and all the other factors. It’s a lot easier to put people in a position where they will succeed if you can remain objective. Coaches can also impart this objectivity to their clients, helping them step back and see the bigger picture.

“I’ve had a few people ask me why I love coaching so much. It’s a big commitment and takes a lot of work, after all,” notes Leland Sandler. “A big part of what I love about coaching is the ability to step in as a more neutral party and to provide a fresh perspective.

When people and organizations work with leadership coaches, it’s often because they know they have areas to improve. Coaches are often outsiders, so they can remain more objective. Still, even as an outsider, you’ll have to put effort into being objective.

“No one is perfect, and we can rarely be 100 percent objective,” notes Leland Sandler. “Early on, I realized that one of the best ways I can help my clients was to offer an outsider’s objective perspective, but that takes mindful effort on the coach’s part.”

Leland Sandler Discusses Building a Team Culture

Many companies have been moving aggressively to establish strong corporate and organizational cultures in recent years. When successful, the right culture can increase productivity, reduce tensions, and keep folks on task. Often, these companies hire coaches and other consultants to build and instill a strong culture. Certainly, Leland Sandler has seen the results of a strong culture.

“The highest performing companies are often those with a robust company culture,” says Leland Sandler. “You can’t and won’t want to hover behind every employee. With a strong culture, it’s easier to keep people on task with minimal intervention.”

On the other hand, a toxic culture can hold back even the most skilled and dedicated employees. As a result, even talented employees can need help to remain productive. Companies with poor cultures often need help to maintain engagement and productivity.

“Engagement is one of the biggest challenges of our times,” notes Leland Sandler. “There are so many gizmos that beg for your attention, so many websites and tv shows and everything else that wants to toss you down the rabbit hole.”

A company culture that encourages teamwork, respect, and consistent effort can bolster engagement if team members feel appreciated and know that their company will go above and beyond the employees, too, are often more willing to go above and beyond.

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