Alexander Rekeda Explains Why Unity for Freedom Is Expanding Relief Efforts in Ukraine

Unity for Freedom isn't just continuing its relief efforts in Ukraine, founder Alexander Rekeda says. Even in the face of war, Ukraine has achieved the economic stability that makes relief efforts worthwhile. With, of course, a little help from its friends.

Alexander Rekeda

Even in the Face of War, Ukraine Is Doing a Lot of Things Right

One out of every three Ukrainians has been displaced by war. Families are scattered over Europe, North America, and even beyond. Some have been taken away to Russia.

The war with Russia caused a 30 percent contraction in the Ukrainian economy in 2022. Exports have been literally derailed. Ports have been closed. Factories have been bombed.

But even in these conditions, Ukraine has recognized the need for good economic policy.

       Ukraine is managing its exchange rates. Ukrainians will be able to pay for imports and get reasonable prices for exports.

       Ukraine has adopted bank diagnostics, so it can intervene to keep banks functional.

       Ukraine has sought to keep its debt manageable, The nation seeks to avoid default.

The prudent economic policy of Ukraine justified US $15.6 billion in inputs from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), announced in March 2023. The announcement from the IMF is only part of a US $115 billion aid package being provided by the US, Canada, EU, Japan, Australia, and other friendly nations to sustain and rebuild Ukraine. But aid to Ukraine can't all take place at the macro level.

Unity for Ukraine Helps People in the Ways They Need Most

Unity for Freedom provides part of the supply chain Ukrainians need to survive and even thrive in the face of war.

Food is essential for life. Alexander Rekeda began his focus simply on keeping people in need fed.

Shelter is essential for surviving the Ukrainian winter. Unity for Freedom assists in procuring temporary housing for many Ukrainians who have lost their homes.

And healing of the mind and spirit is essential for sustaining life for an eventual time of peace. Unity for Freedom seeks to provide for the psychological and spiritual health of orphans, mothers, and the elderly whose lives have been turned upside down by the war.

How Does Alexander Rekeda See Long-Term Aid for Ukraine?

Alexander Rekeda envisions long-term aid for Ukraine in terms of rebuilding houses and rebuilding lives. Unity for Ukraine will support local reconstruction efforts with tangible assistance. But his organization will also enlist social workers to help Ukrainians rebuild their families, friendships, professional lives, and communities.

Your help makes a difference. Contact Unity for Ukraine about ways you can assist in the sustaining and rebuilding of Ukraine.

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