Dr. Jacono Reviews Some of the Main Benefits of a Mini-Facelift

A mini-facelift can be a great option for individuals who need targeted facial surgery to remedy certain "problem areas" of the face that are ruining their overall appearance and self-esteem. Leading New York facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jacono reviews the benefits of this form of surgery and offers insight into how to get the best possible results.

Dr. Jacono

Patients who want to eliminate jowls, Marionette lines, dropped cheeks, and/or tighten loose skin on the neck are ideal candidates for a mini-facelift. He explains that many of the patients that he treats via this procedure have used Botox, injectable fillers, and/or facial tightening devices in their younger years but have found that, as they get older, these treatments aren't as effective as they used to be.

While some patients can and sometimes do opt for a comprehensive face-lift, many pick a mini-facelift because it only takes a few days to recover from a mini-facelift while it can take two weeks or even longer to recover from a traditional facelift or deep facial plane procedure. A patient who cannot make drastic changes to his or her schedule to take extensive time off and/or who wants immediate results will find a mini-facelift to be ideal. The cost is far lower than for a full face-lift, making it a cost-effective solution for those with a limited budget. What's more, a mini-facelift does not mean that a patient has to only rectify some facial problems while ignoring others as a mini-facelift can easily be combined with other surgical procedures such as eyelid surgery, neck surgery, rhinoplasty and/or lip augmentation for ideal results.

Dr. Jacono reviews the data and strongly encourages anyone considering facial plastic surgery to pick a plastic surgeon with care. The surgeon should have ample experience performing facial plastic surgery and should have a track record of meeting or exceeding patient expectations. Furthermore, a good surgeon will always spend ample time with a patient, listening to the patient's concerns and questions and providing personalized medical counsel that will ensure the best possible results. As each person is a unique individual, there is no "one size fits all" solution to facial issues that ruin one's experience and self-esteem. Even two people that have the exact same problem may need different solutions due to age, medical and genetic history, and desired end results.

A mini-facelift, while not as comprehensive as a extended deep plane facelift or the traditional facelift, can significantly improve one's appearance when done right. It's far more affordable than a traditional facelift and the recovery time is quite short, making it possible for a person to receive treatment without taking extensive time off of work or other important activities. To get the best possible results, finding a plastic surgeon who specialize in facial plastic surgery. Furthermore, he recommends that patients take advantage of the initial consultation to ask questions, voice concerns, and explain what they expect to see from the procedure to ensure the doctor is able to meet their needs. Picking the right surgeon and procedure, and working closely with an experienced doctor, boosts the odds of the mini-facelift being fully successful. 

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