Tips From Evan Tynan: Five Best Practices for Digital Marketing for a Golf Course

If your marketing strategy for your golf course is feeling stale or you’re struggling to get it enough attention to get it off the ground, we have some tips. Sports marketing expert Evan Tynan has been actively helping athletic and marketing departments enhance their sales and reputation efforts within the graphic design phases and amid online communities. Here, he offers these best practices for golf course owners and promotional team members.

Tips From Evan Tynan

1. Optimize Your Website with Clever SEO Strategies

Using excessive keywords to get search engines’ attention is essentially a thing of the past. Web viewers want real information and clever content—essentially a site that asks them to do something specific. Book a tee time today, host your next tournament here, or schedule a lesson with a golf pro. This helps drive visitors to the site and can overhaul and boost your bottom line.

2. Showcase Tempting Photographs

Many viewers want to see engaging photos on your website. Take the most picturesque views possible of your course, highlighting the challenges while distinguishing each hole as unique. Choose a signature hole to forge your branding strategy to attract new players and retain current ones alike. Keep your course in the ‘forefront of players’ minds by showcasing the course with a drone video that can also be used for promotional purposes across multiple sites.

3. Keep Up a Current Blog

Staying active on your site’s blog keeps you relevant in top search engines and can attract golfers looking for tee times, tournaments, contests, and game tips. The key is making posts consistent and relevant to the sport, your course, and the local area in general. This is where your team of golf pros can come in handy and showcase their expertise while offering up their knowledge of the game.

4. Ease Online Booking

Golfers love being able to book tee times on the fly when the weather permits or they have clients to entertain. Create an online booking tool to streamline operations and reduce costs by saving employees time doing so the traditional way. Make pages easy to navigate, take online payments, and consider implementing a mobile app that appeals to tech-savvy players on the go.

5. Stay On Top of Online Reviews

Potential customers have a tendency to check out online reviews, and existing ones are commonly spending time leaving comments on their testimonials on business websites. Take a look regularly at profile reviews left on Yelp, Google, the Yellow Pages, and other popular websites to see how others feel and address any existing issues. Encourage viewers to share their experience with an Instagram or Facebook-friendly site that offers rewards and perks for visitors who comment.

Get a Team Player On Your Side

With over a decade of experience working in the field of athletics, digital, marketing, graphic design, and communications, having Evan Tynan on your team can be a game-winning asset. Check out his dynamic portfolio of works and explore the numerous sporting interests he’s been involved with over the years.

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