Gene Warhurst Provides Top Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

If you've experienced a personal injury, you may be aware that a personal injury lawyer is a good idea. However, you may need to learn how to choose the best personal injury attorney for you and your case.

Gene Warhurst

Gene Warhurst began his career as a claims representative for an insurance company. Eventually, he switched sides and became a personal injury attorney. He's here to explain the # questions that you should ask when selecting a personal injury lawyer.

1. What is Their Specialty?

This is the first question you should ask a personal injury attorney. You'll want a lawyer who specializes in personal injury because this provides them with valuable experience and expertise.

In addition to specializing in personal injury, it's a good idea to choose an attorney who specializes in your type of personal injury, Gene Warhurst explains. For example, if you were in a car accident, consider choosing an attorney who specializes in auto injuries. 

2. Do They Have a Good Track Record?

An attorney's track record is an indication of what you can expect and their skill level. You'll want a lawyer who has won many cases similar to yours.

Their track record can also give clues as to how often they go to trial and the size of the settlements they typically get for their clients.

Of course, each case is unique, and your results will vary from others. However, their track record does provide clues as to what you can expect.

4. Do They Charge Contingency Fees?

Gene Warhurst notes that most personal injury attorneys charge contingency fees. This means their fees are contingent on you winning your case. If you receive a settlement, they will receive a portion of the settlement. If you don't win your case, the attorney doesn't collect any compensation.

Before hiring an attorney, you should discuss contingency fees. It's important to agree on the percentage they will receive if you win your case.

5. What Can I Expect?

It's impossible to predict exactly what will happen with your case or how long it will take.

However, an experienced personal injury attorney can provide you with a basic process that you can expect to go through.

They can also tell you how long they expect the case to take and whether they expect to go to trial.

There are no guarantees that things will go the way they predict, but in most cases, they do.

6. Do They Have Any Awards?

Has the attorney received any special awards or commendations? Warhurst explains that this can help you understand their reputation within the court, as well as their skill level and professionalism.

Gene Warhurst

Ernest Warhurst, better known as Gene Warhurst is a founding partner of Warhurst Law. He graduated from law school in 1995 and has been practicing ever since.

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In 2018, he was named a Fellow of the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance (CLM). The CLM is comprised of more than 35,000 litigation and claims professionals, including professionals within insurance companies, corporations, and law firms from around the world.

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