Tips to Help You Safeguard Your Homes From the Inside

Safeguard Your Homes

Whether you buy a new home or plan to renovate the existing one, the security aspect should always be addressed. In, burglars stole goods worth a total of $737,294,919,165 from residences in the United States and Canada.

Therefore, it is crucial that you take the security aspect of your home seriously. There are numerous ways to help you safeguard your homes from the inside. If you are still trying to figure out where to begin, this write-up will greatly benefit you. 

In the coming sections, we elaborate on several steps to give you peace of mind against home intrusion.

#1. Rekeying

Rekeying the locks allow you to alter the mechanism of the existing locks so that the old keys can no longer be used to open them. You can easily rekey the locks on your own using the locksmith tools with the help of this post. You need to consider rekeying, especially when you have purchased a new home or moved into a home where previous residents didn’t have the entire set of keys. 

#2. Avoid Labeling Keys

Many people have the habit of labeling their keys for quick identification. However, this habit also exposes you to perils when you lose the keys. Having a certain identification mark on each key is okay, but the mark should not be too obvious. Only you or your family members should know what each mark represents on the key. If possible, it would be wise to avoid labeling the keys altogether. 

#3. Install Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are innovative smart devices that you can use to safeguard your homes. Installing these around the windows and back doors is one of the best ways to keep intruders at bay. 

Even when someone tries to trespass on your home in your absence, the motion sensors can sound the alarm to alert the neighbors. The fact that you have installed a security system is likely unknown to most potential thieves. You can also post a sticker in the window to keep them warned.

#4. Leave the Lights or TV on When At Work

Most burglaries happen in empty homes, and the fact that thieves keep an eye out for such homes is really daunting. You can outsmart such intruders by leaving the TVs or lights on when you are at work or on vacation. Create an impression that someone is inside the home at all times. 

When you are going to be gone for a longer amount of time, such as on vacation, it is important to make arrangements for a neighbor or a member of your family to collect your mail. A stack of uncollected mail is a telltale sign that the homeowner is off for an extended period of time. 

Many smart lights may be configured to turn on and off at certain intervals to give the impression that someone is home, making the illusion created by these lights much more believable.

Final Thoughts

Home security is a serious matter, and for the protection of your family and the valuables inside the home, it is important that you take all the necessary steps for proper safety. Use the tips from this article to safeguard your home from the inside.

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