Jacob Fite Celsius Discusses Tips and Skills for Working Musicians

Jacob Fite Celsius is a musician with years of experience who understands the difficulties working performers can have in their careers. Simply finding a gig playing cover music is hard enough, let alone a job that enables you to perform original and exciting music. As a result, he has decided to provide some valuable tips and suggestions to help working musicians thrive in an environment that isn't great.

Jacob Fite

Tips That Jacob Fite of Celsius Believes Can Help Working Musicians

The first thing that he has to suggest for working musicians is to be adaptable and proficient. By this, he means knowing your skill set and how best to utilize it is critical. For example, are you a skilled drummer who can play any genre? Don't be afraid to play music that might not suit you. People are always looking for a drummer in any band and need an adaptable and efficient expert.

What if you're a composer who focuses mainly on writing music? It is essential to create original but pleasing work that interests potential buyers. For instance, you can create a site where people can sample your music to gauge whether it works best for them. Produce music that hits different moods and uses professional arrangements and rich melodies that capture the ear.

Unfortunately, too many employers will be willing to tell you that you're easy to replace and may treat you poorly. Regardless of how you're treated, Jacob Fite Celsius says that it is vital to keep a genial personality and to be on time for all your gigs and recording sessions. Getting a reputation as being difficult to work with or perpetually late will make it harder to get performing and recording gigs.

Just as importantly, it is critical to understand proper communication and preparation as a working musician. These skills are essential for touring musicians especially. Imagine trying to hit the road on a poor tour with no place to stay and no assurance that you're getting money. Excellent communication skills minimize this risk and make it easier for touring musicians to plan their tours properly.

Furthermore, Jacob Fite Celsius explains that it is crucial to understand the business side of the music world. While it's not the primary purpose of creative arts, you should earn money for your abilities and be rewarded for performances. Understanding proper accounting and negotiating procedures can improve this process by making it easier for you and your band to handle these steps fully.

Critically, it would help if you also practiced whenever you can to improve your skills and become a stronger musician. For example, don't go partying while on tour but sit in your hotel room and practice your scales, chords, and solos. Doing so will further enhance your abilities and make it easier to perform and record gigs. Learning how to read sheet music can be particularly useful if you plan on getting a recording gig as a session musician.

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