Most Demanding Sports in the World

There are two types of demanding sports that you can play, including those that can harm your health and those that are just tough and fatiguing to play. Both should be included in the list because some people don’t mind risking injuries to improve. You need to have a lot of willpower to train some of them because a lot of people are quitting.

Most Demanding Sports in the World

Risking the esports odds might be better than getting injured when boxing, but some people love the sport too much to just stop training. Everything depends on the individual, but it’s very important to teach people the risks and advantages of each sport.

Most popular sports are usually not that dangerous, even if there are a lot of injuries happening. Many US people think football is very dangerous, but compared to Rugby, it feels like a safe sport.


Most people will tell you that gymnastics is the most demanding sport in the world, but that might not be true. It depends on the field of gymnastics and how far you are willing to go. You can train it just for fun and learn a few stunts but competing is a whole different thing.

You will need to assign yourself to a few events when competing, which is why most gymnasts practice different equipment. The equipment they use requires a lot of strength, usually more than other sports played with a ball. But strength isn’t the only problem you might have. When the injuries happen, they are usually very hard, even when falling on mattresses.


You will find that Rugby will always be on the list of the most dangerous sports, even among motorsports. The way the game is played is stunning to some people because there isn’t any equipment except teeth guards.

It’s way more dangerous than football because they are running at full speed to stop someone over 180 pounds. Someone gets hurt on almost every match, and the effects after playing it for a few years can greatly impact your health.


Being the oldest sport in the world doesn’t mean that people realize how dangerous it can be. Even back in the day, people saw how boxing could affect a pro athlete. Being knocked out several times can damage your brain, which happened to the legend, Muhammad Ali.

Nothing changed from the first boxing match except the gloves, which can also cause damage. This can be said for every combat sport, but boxing has been here for a long time and is the most analyzed. MMA can be more dangerous because you can use legs, arms, and tackles against your opponent, but the matches are shorter than boxing.


Not every motorsport is as dangerous as Rugby or boxing, but motocross is definitely the one that can be hard physically and dangerous. Motocross is a motorcycle sport where they will drive on dirty roads full of high and low jumps. Because the goal is to drive fast, it happens that a driver falls.

One drastic fall can set you months behind in training, but most of them return to the track even then. You need to love the adrenaline rush to play this sport which is why many decide to play soccer or basketball.

Honorable Mentions

In some countries, bull riding is considered a sport, and people that are riding the bulls are pro athletes. They are training throughout the year for this event, and there are officials that will determine who did a better job at taming the bull.

Free climbing is probably the most dangerous sport and also among the most demanding. Being on the side of a cliff without any safety equipment can be really scary, which is why only the most experienced climbers start free climbing. It’s not a well-paid sport, so most of them do it because they like climbing.

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