Deanna Deveney Discusses Tips for Women in the Workplace

Women have made significant strides in the workplace during the past few decades. Now, the vast majority of women have a positive experience, are well-respected, and have created a wide variety of opportunities for themselves. Unfortunately, women are still not paid the same as men, and women may have a difficult time securing opportunities as easily as men do. Therefore, it is important to listen to women who have worked to ensure they are treated as equals, such as Deanna Deveney, who has set an example for countless other women who want to enjoy a successful career.

Focus on Education and Training Deanna Deveney

First, Deanna Deveney wants women to know that they need to focus on their education and foundation.  Even though everyone needs to have the right training, this is particularly important for women, who might otherwise have a difficult time getting a foot in the door. Having the requisite education, combined with the skills and abilities necessary to be successful in a competitive market while searching for jobs. Deanna Deveney has also suggested using the network you have created through your education to obtain opportunities. Often people who you meet along your journey will know your strengths and be willing to give you an opportunity based upon past relationships and work ethic. Therefore, Deanna suggests using your education and training as a base, but use your social skills to get a foot in the door.

Take the Initiative

There is still a perception in the workplace that women are supposed to be in the background, quietly doing their jobs. Women who want to advance in the workplace need to break this stereotype by taking the initiative. Women should not hesitate to volunteer for projects, ask to stay late, and voice their opinions. If they are seen as taking the initiative, they will have an easier time getting promoted. That is exactly what happened with Deanna Deveney, who has progressed in her career by consistently being one of the first people to speak up to volunteer for difficult jobs that others may not have interest in.

Be Confident

Women also need to make sure they project confidence. Even though it is important for women to take responsibility for their actions and learn from their mistakes, women should not be afraid to take risks. The reality is that people like to have confident employees in the workplace, no matter what gender they are. A lot of women are nervous to speak up because they don't want to be seen as emotional or needy. Deanna Deveney believes it is more important for women to be portrayed as confident, particularly if they want to move up in the working world.

Work Well With Other Women

Finally, one of the most common reasons why women have a difficult time advancing in the workplace is that they are put under a microscope when it comes to interacting with their co-workers. This is particularly true when women interact with other women. Even though the workplace can be competitive, it is important for women to work together and support one another. Women need to work well not only with men but also with women, as this will play an important role in how they are perceived in the workplace. Deanna Deveney believes that if women can follow this example, they can put themselves in the best position possible to be successful.

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