What Is an Elliptical Good For? Everything You Need To Know

If you've ever walked into a fitness gym, you've likely come across a machine known as an Elliptical. This machine has two platforms, each of which is attached to a moving bar.

As one platform is pushed down with one foot, the other platform swings up. This occurs in a near-circular motion, thus driving the feet around in the shape of an ellipse. 

Now, you might be wondering: what benefit does this serve? It serves quite a few benefits, in fact. Here is what Elliptical bikes are good for. 

Burning Calories

Whether it's a NordicTrack Elliptical, a Keiser m Elliptical a Proform Elliptical, or otherwise, it will help you burn calories. This is, after all, a cardio exercise machine. As such, using it for 20 to 30 minutes a day can help you lose a good amount of weight over time. 

Toning Leg Muscles

In addition to burning calories, the Elliptical also helps to tone up leg muscles. These include the glutes, the hamstrings, the calves, and the quadriceps. 

In fact, you can increase and decrease the incline on the Elliptical. By using a greater incline, you can target your calves, glutes, and hamstrings more. By using less incline, you can target your quads more. 

Protecting Your Joints

Running and bicycling are good for exercise, but not always so good for your joints. Over time, these exercises can cause the cartilage in your joints to deteriorate, leading to pain and stiffness. 

This is where the Elliptical can be a big help. Because the Elliptical pushes your legs in a circular, rotating motion, it protects your joints from excess stress. This can save you years of wear and tear on your body. 

Improving Your Balance

Another big benefit of the Elliptical is that it improves your balance. This is particularly true if you use it without grabbing the handles. In doing so, you put more focus on your core and force your legs and feet to balance your moving body. 

Keeping You Fit

Cardio is a necessary part of every fitness routine. If you don't do cardio regularly, you will get winded easily. You might even eventually incur heart and other cardiovascular issues. 

Fortunately, the Elliptical works terrifically as a cardio machine. By taking pressure off the joints and allowing you to go at your own speed, it enables you to keep your heart rate up for long periods of time. This results in greater fitness over time. 

Using an Elliptical Bike Consistently Can Make a Huge Difference

As you can see, the Elliptical offers up a number of benefits. In addition to burning calories and helping you lose weight, it also helps you tone up your leg muscles, all the while taking stress off your joints. There's no doubt: using an Elliptical on a regular basis will make a huge difference for your health and fitness. 

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