How to Attract New Customers Through Social Media

Social media marketing. It is not always the easiest thing to master, especially for the older generation, but it can be very rewarding for your business once you get it down. 

In 2020, digital advertising spending grew by 12% across the board. The pandemic has made it clear that this is not going away and it can be a great opportunity to draw in new customers for your business. 

So, how do you attract customers with social media? This is your guide. 

Be active

The first thing that you need to do is to be active on social media. This can be responding to a question or concern that a customer puts under one of your posts or as a direct message to your business account. 

Also, this is for content that you post on your business's social media account to keep your brand relevant for your followers. Posting once a day or frequently throughout the week for example will get your brand a lot more attention than if you only post once per month, so you need to come up with enough content to post that keeps people checking on your account. 

Plus, it can be crucial to stick to a schedule if you are not posting daily content. For example, if you commit to posting videos as part of a series twice a week, setting an expectation for customers to see new videos on say, Mondays and Thursdays, will keep them coming back to your account throughout the week. 

Start Conversations

Your social media account should not feel like an advertising board to your customers and followers, but rather a place where people feel free to talk about subjects related to your content. 

Putting content up that asks questions and asks for your customers' opinions on certain subjects will provide a lot more engagement opportunities, which also allows your customers to get to know the people behind your business a little better.

This also allows you as a business to get an idea of what your customers like and do not like about the products and services that you are putting out there. You can use that feedback as a free focus group and take the opportunity to listen to your customers' concerns and try to offer a solution to that problem.


Use SEO 

Finally, if you are trying to spread the word about your business, you need to have every chance possible at being seen. Having a proper SEO strategy can get you there, and part of that is knowing what keywords to use on your content. 

Here are some of the best SEO practices for Instagram for a more thorough breakdown in that niche. 

The summary of the above is to use keywords in the proper places like on posts that you put up, in captions, on your profile name, and even in your profile bio. 

Find New Customers on Social Media

These are just a few tips for your business to get new customers via social media. It can be an intimidating process at first, but following these steps will help get you in the right direction. 

For more related information, check out our Digital Marketing section. 

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