Learn the Definition of Agile Project Management...and Why You Need It

Have you ever wondered what is the definition of agile project management and why you need it? 

There are all kinds of project management styles, some better than others. One of those styles is agile project management. 

With agile you can optimize your workflow and complete work faster, all while adapting to changing work requirements. Agile also thrives in collaborative environments and introduces new ways of working on projects.

If you are wondering what is agile project management and who needs it, this short and simple guide is for you. 

What Is Agile Management?

Agile management is one of the project management models that are popular today. It is an approach in which you start with a vision and take incremental steps until your goal is achieved.  

With agile management, you are releasing benefits throughout the project rather than at the end. Agile management exhibits behaviors of trust, flexibility, collaboration, and more.

What Is Agile Management Used For?

So why use agile management? To promote collaboration between your team and your customers. When done right, the agile project learns and adjusts regularly to ensure the customer is always satisfied with the outcome. 

What Are the Four Core Values of Agile Management?

There are four core values of agile management. 

You need people over processes and tools and software over documentation. Your team will need to respond to change over following the plan and, above all else, you will need customer collaboration. With these four core values, you can make agile management work for you.

Pros of Agile Management

There are pros to using this approach to project management. You have more flexibility, better communication, and the product gets to market much faster. With your team, you'll build accountability, user engagement, and support cultural change and the release of ideas.

Cons of Agile Management 

Just like pros, you also have some cons. Documentation gets left behind, it's much harder to predict, and the final product is not released until the end of the project.

How to Become Agile

Becoming agile is as simple as taking an training course. You will also need to get the right people on board, use the right product management tools, and make use of all of the training and support you’ll need to succeed. You'll also need a scrum master, a project owner, team members, and stakeholders.  

The Definition of Agile Project Management and Why You Need It

The definition of agile project management is simple. It's a way of delivering a project throughout its life cycle.

Using the four core values of agile management, you can use agile management over a variety of industries. While there are pros and cons to agile management the pros greatly outweigh the cons. The road to becoming agile is as easy as taking an agile management course and going from there.

This is one project management model you cannot afford to ignore.

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