Headhunting Agencies: How to Choose the Best One

Did you know that open corporate positions will attract around 250 resumes during the application process?

That's a ton of administration and paperwork hours to figure out what your candidate shortlist should be and start scheduling interviews. 

The way around this though is to look for reputable headhunting agencies. These are the people who go out and find you a shortlist of candidates and eliminate hours of hard work. 

But how do you know which headhunting agency to choose? Read on to learn everything you need to know about picking the best one for you. 

Headhunting Agencies: The Lowdown 

A headhunter is a complete professional in the field of recruitment. 

They specialize in taking your talent requirements and finding almost perfect candidates to fill your open position. Their job is to perform a search strategically with a number of strict checklist items in place. Particularly when it comes to qualifications, skills, and experience. 

One of the benefits of using a headhunting agency is that an organization will be tapping outside of their usual resource pool to find the person they're looking for which, often, opens doors to the very best of candidates. 

Why Work With A Headhunting Agency? 

The process of finding the right candidate may not seem too difficult or you may be thinking, "But I can also look on LinkedIn and online for people". 

Here's exactly why you should consider working with a headhunter as opposed to your traditional HR recruitment channels:

  • You'll receive a dedicated service tied to contractual agreements which often means undivided attention

  • Due to pre-determined hiring processes, there will be greater efficiency 

  • Your HR will be able to tap into proves hiring strategies for future use

  • They can save time and money for organizations in the hiring process

  • You get access to resources of databases and candidates list that you didn't even know existed 

One thing to remember about headhunters is that they're often skilled within a certain industry, so consider this when you're making your initial enquiries. 

Selection Criteria Checklist 

Once you've decided that a headhunter will work for you, you need to get to work finding the right one. 

  1. Ensure that they have relevant industry experience with companies and markets similar to yours

  2. Ask if their well-networked and how large their network is 

  3. Ask about previous clients, are they similar to you? 

  4. Ask about the resources that they have access to and take note if it's comprehensive 

If your potential headhunter can pass these four points, then you're on the right track. 

Happy Headhunting! 

Headhunting agencies may seem like they're all over the place but the key is finding the right headhunting firm for you and for your business. 

Selecting a headhunting company should not be made in haste, take the time to interview the headhunter the same as you would another candidate and be sure that they understand your requirements above all else. 

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