Why a Corporate Intranet Is More Important Than Ever

 A 2020 survey predicted that 25% of Americans would be working remotely.

To keep up with this trend, business gurus are suggesting you get a corporate intranet. Yet you’re not convinced that you need it. You feel that it’s an unnecessary cost as you can use the internet to share information.

So, is it worth it to invest in a corporate intranet?

Keep reading to learn why a corporate intranet is more important than ever.

Foster Team Collaboration

Many companies in the past were reluctant to hire remote workers due to problems managing collaboration. These companies felt that the only way to foster collaboration was by having employees working in the same space. Yet, due to the pandemic, companies are now being forced to have remote workers.

The great thing is that you can still foster collaboration and teamwork by investing in the intranet. The idea is to make it simple for your remote employees to share resources. To know more about intranet, seek the help of experts like sharepoint consulting services.

You want to get advice on setting up share point and limiting access to only authorized persons.

Simplifies Data Storage

One of the drawbacks of file sharing using the internet is the difficulty storing the data. That’s why you should look for alternative ways to simplify data storage. You want to accumulate data that you analyze and you the information to make decisions.

To achieve this goal, you should consider investing in the intranet. With an intranet, it’s easy to track business files and store them.

Enhance Data Security

Every 14 seconds, a business fall victim to a ransomware attack. Your business is, therefore, right to be worried about cyber-attack. That’s why you should take measures to enhance cybersecurity and protect sensitive business data.

One way of achieving this objective is by switching to corporate internet. The idea is to set up a private network for your remote work employees to use. By doing this, you’ll minimize data access and thereby enhance security.

Besides, it’s quick to detect a data breach with the intranet and take the appropriate action fast. The objective is to limit the data the unauthorized person accesses.

Boost Productivity

Investing in intranet simplifies file sharing and reduces IT issues, thereby boosting productivity. Besides, the use of the intranet will reduce distractions ensuring your workers focus on their work. That means that your employees will complete work before the deadline.

So, by investing in the intranet, you’ll increase employee productivity and boost returns.

Keep Up with the Trends by Investing in Corporate Intranet

To give our business an edge and keep up with the latest trends, you need to invest in the corporate intranet. You want to foster team collaboration and easy file sharing by using the intranet. Besides, the intranet will help you enhance data security and increase productivity.

That’s why you should strive to find the top company that offers reliable intranet solutions.

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