When Is The Obsession About Catherine Reitman’s Lips Going To End?

Most of us already know that we should never make up jokes about their appearance since prep school. However, when you relate to celebrities that are always under the scrutiny of the public eye and those facing drastic comments that they have plastic surgery, it is even worse. That is why fans have been mocking Catherine Reitman about her horse mouth.

Catherine Reitman’s Lips

Reitman is the producer, writer, and actor of the movie of Working Moms starred on Netflix. There is a lot of teasing about her mouth shape, especially her upper lips. Before she became famous on TV, she had a lot of teasing since her early school days. Now, people are even more convinced that Reitman’s upper lips are due to a plastic surgery failure. They are never more wrong than that.

In specific reports, the star has been rumoured to have developed a type of inflammation or an infection that made her unable to close her mouth correctly.

However, gossip sites starred on a 'before' and 'after' photo from a TV shore stated that both photos are almost identical. It is to compare her lips previously and now.

Catherine that has married Stenberg in the show, never once commented whether she had surgery or not.

The new star was bullied for looking weird, and her classmates teased her with names and called her a ‘horse mouth’.

In one big scene on one of the first opening episodes, she even wrote her lines where the boss made fun of her mouth’s shape.

As an advertising executive and a mom, she starred as Kate, where her profound acting received glowing reviews from people all over social media.

Being Teased Since Childhood- Is It A Trauma?

Although Reitman never responded to the rumours of her taking plastic surgery, she did admit that she has been teased because of her mouth since early childhood days.

The news and media said that she looked extraordinary, and her friends would call her "horse mouth" and other names that were rude to her.

There is also more evidence that Reitman's mouth shape is a genetic one and is not a failed plastic surgery attempt. Ivan, the father of Catherine, was a film director and had the same upper lip as his daughter. As it was inherited, no further directions make the star dubbed for a failed plastic surgery.

Fans Cannot Get Over Reitman's Lips.

The whole big buzz of Work-in' Moms was getting a real spotlight on Netflix. However, many fans were also somewhat distracted by the actor's sudden appearance and said it distracted the show's whole message.

Working Moms is a great show to watch, but most of her fans kept commenting on her lips. Some even said that she talked with her overlapping lips, and they couldn't bear it. It was on Twitter, and everyone just commented over and over.

“I finished the movie, and it was great, but I cannot get the picture of Kate’s lips out of my brain. Why does it seem that way? No lip in the middle”. Comments echo over and over.

Another fan stated that the lips drove her insane. The movie was great, but not her lips.

However, no one is that mean on the internet. One fan on Reddit came to defend Reitman.

“It made her have a quirky look. Unique.”

Other fans said that she looked like her father, the Canadian director of the movie Ghostbusters and the Kindergarten Cop. If you compare them side by side, the lip is a genetic inheritance.

Her father, Ivan, 72, has the same features as his daughter.

Someone even wrote that it might be a combination of bad genetic lips and bad fillers.

The nasty comments were noticed by Catherine that retweeted one fan saying that she had a weird mouth, but they still loved her.

The comedian said, "I accept it."

Fans then began to wage war and defend her on the internet.

One said her lips were sexy. Another said they loved her mouth and the fantastic badass show as well. If the lips were pretty and the acting was terrible, wouldn't it be completely useless to become an actor?

Another user also stated that they would fight the next person to drop a nasty comment on her lips.

Reitman Never Addressed Her Haters

Plastic surgery or not, Reitman cannot do anything about her appearance. She doesn’t worry about her hateful comments as she has been teased since childhood, and the lip shape is genetic and not a surgery failure.

Lips bad or not, there are still many fans trying to finish the whole series of work-in' Mums. It is about the fifth season, and Netflix fans are roaring for the finale.

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