How To Find The Best Offset Smoker For Delicious BBQ

Smoking the meat with an offset smoker is the best time for BBQ lovers. They love to pass their time with their favorite hobby. People who have a craze for smoked meat are the true enthusiasts of BBQ. 

Some people love to go outside in the winter season and get their favorite BBQ. But some people prefer to make this delicious food at their home. People get their offset smokers at home but don’t know how to use an offset smoker. Using an offset smoker is an easy task for true lovers. Let’s have a look in detail to find out the best offset smoker for your BBQ party.

What is an offset smoker?

Offset smokers are the true friends of smoked meat lovers. They are designed in horizontal shape and consist of two main chambers. One chamber is called the firebox and the other one is known as the cooking compartment.


There is also a chimney which is used as the door of the offset smoker. 

Working of an offset smoker

Offset smokers work on very unique mechanisms. There is a two-way heat distribution system that distributes the heat in equal parts. This heat travels in the whole smoker equally. The firebox is located at the lower side of the cooking compartment. This location helps the food to prevent burning. Lower-situated firebox saves the food from direct heat. 

Offset smokers work on the mechanism of “low and slow” heat. It cooks the food on very slow heat. It takes a long time to cook one food.

How to use an offset smoker-brief introduction

How to use an offset smoker is a curious question for beginners. Beginners really want a complete guide on using an offset smoker. But there is no need to worry about using an offset smoker. The below guide will guide you through using an offset smoker. Let’s find out how we can use an offset smoker.

Assemble the smoker

To use an offset smoker, first, you have to assemble the smoker in your backyard. You should find a balanced ground to set your smoker. If the place under the smoker is not balanced, you will face a great problem during cooking.

Find the right type of fuel

Finding the right type of fuel for your smoker is also an important task. Offset smokers usually use wood and charcoal for the purpose of fuel. You can use one of them and also use both of them. Experts suggest that using charcoal with wood gives awesome results. Using charcoal can bring a more smoky taste to your food. 

Fill up the fuel inside the firebox

Now after you decide which fuel is going to be right for your smoker, fill it inside the firebox. Make a charcoal bed at the bottom surface of the firebox. After creating the charcoal bed, place the large logs of wood in a cross shape.

Under these logs, place small wood chips. Make sure that there should be some holes inside the wood chips. These holes help the air intake inside the fuel. Air provides oxygen to the fire which makes it more blazing.

Set the right level of temperature

Temperature plays an important role in smoking meat on offset smokers. You should let your smoker reach its high. After the smoker reaches its high, let it achieve its standard level of temperature. The standard level of temperature for an offset smoker is 225 to 275 degrees. 

Place temperature thermometers

To control the temperature accurately, you can use thermometers. Temperature probes help to monitor and control the temperature. 

Preheat the smoker before placing the food

Preheating the smoker before placing the food is an essential step. If you place food in a cold smoker, it will ruin the taste of the food. Preheating the smoker also helps in cooking the food quickly.

Place the food 

When your smoker gets preheated properly, you can place the food inside the cooker. There are cooking grills inside the main cooker which are used to place food. 

Remove the food and enjoy

When food is ready inside the smoker, remove it from the cooker. Slice your piece of meat and enjoy it with your favorite sauce.

Best offset smoker- qualities to check

Getting the best offset smoker is also a curious task. You can hardly find a smoker with the best qualities. Let’s explore the factors of the best offset smoker.

High-quality material

Your best offset smoker should be made up of high-quality material. It will be your best investment of life if the smoker is of good quality.

Smoker’s size

The size of the smoker is an essential factor to be remembered while buying an offset smoker. The size of the smoker should be according to your needs. If you want to buy the smoker for the time pass purpose, you should go with a small size.

Prize of the smoker

 Many smokers are of good quality and have lower budgets. You only have to do some extra hard work to find such a smoker.


The smoker should be portable. Portability helps to move the smoker easily. You can store the portable smoker easily.

Final words

In the end, we have concluded that using an offset smoker is an easy task. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, follow this guide to cook smoky and tender meat.

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