Riccardo Cervini Continues to Provide Top Consulting Services Throughout New York City

The New York City real estate market is one of the most dynamic in the world. Those that are able to make good investments in the city's market have continued to earn good cash flow and build value in their investment assets. To be successful in this market, having a local building code & zoning consultant by your side is always a good idea. One individual that has continued to provide great consultation services to real estate owners, investors, and developers here is Riccardo Cervini.

Riccardo Cervini

Establishment of Dominion Expediting

One of the challenges that someone can have when investing in the real estate market is that they are not able to move their projects along. Red tape and delays are common when investing in real estate and having someone that can help you move things along is important. Cervini is today considered a leader in building code & zoning consulting in New York City. He has continued to offer his consulting services through his own consulting firm, Dominion Expediting.

Through Dominion Expediting, Riccardo Cervini offers various services and holds different forms of licensure. Some licenses that he holds through the company are the NYC DOB Class 2 Code & Zoning Representative License and NYC FDNY Expeditor License. These licenses permit him and other professionals with his firm to work with the city's departments, which includes NYC Department of Building (DOB), NYC FDNY, NYC Department of Transportation (DOT), NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC), NYC Dept of Finance (DOF), NYC Department of Health (DOH), NYC Parks Dept, NYC Housing Preservation & Development (HPD) and others to ensure municipal permit applications are moved forward more efficiently.

Consultation on Development Plan

Another way that Cervini can help serve clients is by providing consultation on development plans. When you are looking to develop an asset in New York City, it is important that you have a plan for the asset. Whether it is to hold the property as a long-term rental, to renovate an asset and reposition it, or complete any other type of strategy, ensuring you are making a sound investment is important. When you work with him, he and his team can offer services to help you review and evaluate your overall development plan which could head off any potential delays or issues when dealing with the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and will benefit your goals in the long term.

Anyone that is looking to develop in real estate in New York City will want to ensure they have an experienced and seasoned building code & zoning consultant by their side. One individual who has continued to offer top consulting services here is Riccardo Cervini, who can provide various real estate development consulting services that will help ensure your investment moves forward efficiently.

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