Peter Eckerline Reflects on a Lifetime of Philanthropy

For Peter Eckerline, life is about having a positive impact on people. With that in mind, the former managing director, senior consultant, and founder of the Eckerline Wealth Management Group are firmly committed to a lifetime of philanthropy.

Peter Eckerline

Eckerline's charitable efforts range from backing organizations such as the nationwide and international Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund to supporting local initiatives promoting making the most out of life. To demonstrate, a closer look at just a trio of the many good causes he has supported over the years follows.

It's a closer look that starts with the Pinky Swear Foundation.

Pinky Swear Foundation

The first of his three highlighted good causes is the Pinky Swear Foundation. The Pinky Swear Foundation helps children with cancer and their families by providing much-needed emotional and financial support.

Since 2003, the Pinky Swear Foundation has granted over $16 million in much-needed financial assistance and quality-of-life support. In the process, it has helped thousands of families with children bravely battling cancer.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund

Continuing to reflect on a lifetime of philanthropy, Peter Eckerline next turns to his support of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund. He has seen firsthand the impact of diabetes on those around him, including children and teenagers. Established in 1970, the fund now represents the world's leading organization focused on harnessing the power of research into juvenile diabetes.

It's also committed to advocacy and community engagement. That's with the goal of advancing life-changing breakthroughs for type 1 diabetes. In addition to its work alongside infants, children, and teenagers, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund further works to support young adults and others living with the condition.

Suicide Awareness Voices of Education

And last but by no means least, his third trio of highlighted charities, nonprofit organizations, and other good causes is Suicide Awareness Voices of Education. Also known as SAVE, Suicide Awareness Voices of Education was among the country's first organizations committed to the prevention of suicide when it launched in 1989.

Over 30 years later, it's now the leading national organization in its field. SAVE works to help prevent suicide through an essential combination of education and public awareness. It also serves as a crucial and invaluable resource for suicide survivors, backed by generous supporters such as lifelong philanthropists.

Peter Eckerline

Outside of his charitable endeavors and other personal and professional commitments, including ongoing efforts to help build up local communities, Peter Eckerline enjoys various hobbies. Among these hobbies are fishing, playing golf, and staying fit. He's particularly passionate about finding the most challenging places to golf.

He also enjoys spending as much time as he can with his family, where, over the years, he has reveled in supporting his three children in their sporting and other activities. Now grown up, the former managing director, senior consultant, and Eckerline Wealth Management Group founder look forward to further cheering them on in all aspects of their lives in the future.

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