Titan Maintenance Group Offers Professional Insight On What to Look for When Choosing a Maintenance Company

 Properties are a considerable investment, and proper maintenance is a key part of protecting your assets. A reliable maintenance company can provide peace of mind and solve any possible problems. Titan Maintenance Group, an industry leader within the facility maintenance space, shares critical criteria when choosing a maintenance company. 

Titan Maintenance Group


First, you should be sure that any maintenance company you consider provides the services you need. It would help if you also considered your potential future needs. 

Choose a company that can grow with you as your business expands, and you can build a long-lasting business relationship with the organization.

Portfolio and Experience

When considering a maintenance company, you should ask them about their portfolio and experience. Some needs are essentially the same for every facility, but others can vary greatly. A company that has experience in the industry that you are in is the best fit.


Titan Maintenance Group emergency maintenance issues do not follow office hours nor are scheduled. Equipment failures, plumbing leaks, and even structural damage can happen anytime.

Consider choosing a maintenance partner that is reliably available 24/7. Our robust service delivery solutions keep you open and fully functional for business. 

Mechanical Assets

Be sure that the maintenance company you choose has the experience and expertise to deliver resolutions the first time with minimal downtime. Various types of maintenance repairs require special tools, equipment, and a vast supply chain network.

Client Support

When considering a maintenance company, it's tempting to only look at the technical aspects. However, you shouldn't overlook industry expertise as an integral component of client support. 

Excellent field support and outstanding client care are critical to the successful and timely deployment of critical assets. The professional client support that shares your sense of urgency provides around-the-clock peace of mind knowing that you have a true advocate in the field.

Use of Technology

Evolving technology has changed the facility landscape enabling companies to provide real-time visibility, transparency, and insights into the multiple facets of break-fix issues. Titan Maintenance Group recommends that you consider a maintenance partner that uses IoT technology. IoT can provide critical data absent of the need for expensive labor costs. From temperature anomalies to energy spikes, facility asset deficiencies can be easily identified with monitoring and remedied quickly. Climate control and lights can be automated to reduce energy usage, ultimately saving you money.

This technology also provides an added layer of safety. For example, monitoring air quality and oxygen content can quickly alert the company to a dangerous problem.

Consider the Contract

Once you believe you've chosen the right maintenance company for your facility, it's time to sign an agreement. Be sure that the agreement articulates your service level expectations, meets your needs, and spending objectives, and outlines the responsibilities of the maintenance company before execution.

Titan Maintenance Group

Titan Maintenance Group provides maintenance services for a diverse portfolio of commercial businesses of various sizes. Their approach to a comprehensive value proposition includes general repair services, janitorial services, and electrical and plumbing repairs.

The company is headed by President George Eritsyan. Eritrean and his highly skilled team are committed to the success of their client partners with real-time insights that provide a holistic approach to facility maintenance.

To learn more about Titan Maintenance Group, please visit:


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