Paul Delacourt highlights key cybersecurity risks in 2022

Experts such as Paul Delacourt report that cybersecurity risks have never posed a more significant threat to society than they do currently. Furthermore, businesses and individuals alike are increasingly being affected. It is an issue that is serious and far-reaching.

Paul Delacourt

Today's main cybersecurity risks now impact corporate boardrooms and private households alike. With this in mind, Delacourt recommends that people become poised for action. Delacourt also believes awareness is crucial. On that basis, he's compiled a list of key cybersecurity risks in 2022, starting with ransomware.


Ransomware attacks have grown exponentially more widespread in recent years after slowing momentarily at the start of the pandemic. Ransomware is a form of malware or encryption that threatens businesses and individuals with the loss of their data or operations unless a ransom is paid, most often in cryptocurrency. Progressively more complex attack patterns have made ransomware risks increasingly challenging to combat, Paul Delacourt notes.

Prevention through protection and common cyber hygiene is key. For the most part, Delacourt recommends adhering to existing best practices regarding antivirus and firewall provisions. While up-to-date patching and maintenance is unlikely to prevent every high-level ransomware attack, cybersecurity expert suggests they are the most fundamental and critical first line of defense.

Supply chain cyber threats

Few cyber threats pose a more prominent concern today than those aimed at companies' supply chains. Threats to a business’s supply chain are a fundamental cybersecurity risk in 2022 due to pressures across the systems. They also represent a risk that has the potential to snowball based on the expert's analysis.

Supply chain cyber threats seek to target and compromise third-party providers to infiltrate the businesses and organizations they serve. Research suggests that SaaS companies are particularly at risk of becoming compromised parties unless suitable safeguards exist.

Cloud attacks

Paul Delacourt says that there's another key cybersecurity risk in 2022 with the potential to affect businesses and individuals across the board. This threat is born out of the explosive growth of cloud storage and associated technologies.

More infrastructure now exists in the cloud than ever. As a result, cloud technologies have had to evolve rapidly. In some cases, this has led to delayed security modernization. Studies show that weak privacy configurations and other all-important measures overlooked in many deployments represent a serious and growing risk.

Cybersecurity expert Paul Delacourt

Cybersecurity expert Paul Delacourt is a former special agent who recently retired from law enforcement following a 25-year career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Delacourt is also an authority on risk mitigation, strategic planning, and crisis management.

The retired special agent currently serves as an adjunct lecturer and curriculum advisor at the University of Chicago. Via the University of Chicago's Graham School, Delacourt teaches various subjects focused on security-based intelligence and analytics.

Faced with an ever-growing number of critical cyber threats in 2022 and beyond, Delacourt believes immediate action is vital. According to the expert, where there's a focus on awareness and precautions are taken, it's possible to minimize risks significantly.

Therefore, the cybersecurity specialist recommends following the advice of the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency in the first instance and moving forward.

For more information, visit or connect with the cybersecurity expert, lecturer, and retired special agent on LinkedIn.

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