4 Things Every College Student Should Know

 Going off to college can be a scary change in your life. You might have to move away from home, and you’re in a new school with tons of people. Classes can be difficult, navigating all the buildings can be daunting, and your workload might be a lot. It’s certainly different from high school.

Luckily, making the step toward getting an education doesn’t have to be so scary. Everyone gets a little anxiety from time to time, especially about big life changes. But, you don’t have to feel alone in this. Remember, everyone's a little scared the first time they go off to university.

4 Things Every College Student Should Know
It’s okay to be intimidated by such a big change. However, learning some tips and tricks to make life easier can help ease your transition. As they say, knowledge is power. So, let these helpful pieces of advice empower you as you head off to the world of higher education.

1. You Don’t Have to Leave Your Room to Get Birth Control

Who even has time for doctor’s appointments when you’ve got class all day and a paper due tomorrow night? Let’s be real — it’s just not very practical to expect a college student to have regular doctor’s office visits. But, here’s a little-known secret: birth control can be delivered right to your dorm.

Yep, you read that right. There are companies who deliver birth control through the mail, with no in person doctor’s appointments required! Some also give the option of sending the prescription to your local pharmacy, if you prefer that. Although, having your prescription delivered right to you eliminates any need to leave campus. In other words, taking advantage of the delivery option means you’ll have more time to get your homework done. To learn more about online birth control, visit here.

Some companies also deliver more than just birth control, so make sure you check to see all that you can get. It’s a major time-saver to not have to make that dreaded trip to the pharmacy. Plus, having all your prescriptions in one place just makes life easier. It’s one less thing for you to stress about in college.

2. The Freshman 15 is a Myth

Pretty much everyone has heard of the “freshman fifteen.” It’s that old wive’s tale that every college student gains at least fifteen pounds during their freshman year. Fortunately, science has proved this one wrong.

Statistically, gaining fifteen pounds or more during freshman year does not occur very often. A study conducted by the American College Health Association found that the average student only gained 2.7 pounds. In fact, the same study found that 15% of the test group actually lost weight. This just goes to show that everyone’s body is different and reacts to changes in numerous ways.

You can’t assume you’ll gain a ton of weight just because you’re spending more time studying than before. There are actually many ways to stay active while at college. For one, college campuses tend to be spread out. This means you’ll be doing a lot of walking, which is known to be a great way of getting exercise. Additionally, many universities have gyms and offer free or discounted memberships to students.

In short, there are a lot of ways to prevent excess weight gain during college. It’s true that you’re likely to gain a few pounds. That’s simply a natural response to being more stationary and snacking, which happens a lot at school. However, taking simple steps to keep your health in check are easy and not very time-consuming. And at the end of the day, you’re not likely to gain fifteen pounds, regardless.

3. A Beauty Routine is a Stress-Reducer

Even if you don’t wear makeup, having some sort of beauty routine is essential to good hygiene. Whether it’s taking care of your skin, showering often, or simply brushing your teeth, it’s all important. What you might not know, however, is that engaging in good hygiene can actually help you reduce stress.

When your body is taken care of, you feel better. Pretty much anyone can tell you that they feel gross after working out or getting sweaty outside. That’s why taking that steaming shower afterwards feels so good. It relaxes your body and feels like a warm hug. So, why not incorporate more care for your body?

Your face is perhaps the most important area of skin to take care of. After all, it is the most-seen part of your body. Looking good and feeling good go hand-in-hand, so make sure you give your face some love.

Stress acne is a very common predicament that college students battle. But, you should know that using helpful products to prevent acne don’t need to take up your time. There are more realistic beauty routines than those done by social media influencers. Ever think about slapping on a sheet mask while writing a paper? It’s an easy way to multitask and one that your skin will thank you for.

4. Taking a Break is Good for You

When you’re stressed, it can be easy to fall into a cycle of self-punishment. This means that you can’t let yourself have fun or relax because there are things you need to get done. It’s true that time management and self-discipline are important factors to being successful at college. However, maintaining a healthy mindset is just as important to your mental wellbeing, and in turn, your success.

There will be moments when you feel overwhelmed by your workload. It happens to every student! College is hard, but you don’t have to let it get you upset. If you need a moment to look away from that math textbook, do it. Take fifteen minutes to listen to a song, take a short walk, or get a snack. These things won’t hurt you or your efficiency. What will hurt you is overloading your brain. So, let yourself take moments to relax every once in a while.

Now, that being said, procrastination is not being encouraged here. There’s a big difference between taking breaks and wasting time. If you let yourself stumble into a TikTok wormhole for two hours, that’s not going to help you. Be mindful during these breaks, and don’t be too generous with your time off.

It’s All about Finding Your Own Rhythm

Nobody said college was easy — and if anyone has said that to you, they’re lying. One of the biggest struggles about college is the hefty workload. It’s true, sometimes you’ll have overlapping deadlines and you’ll feel overwhelmed. However, don’t let that discourage you from going after your goals in life. Everyone has their own, individual success story. It all starts with figuring it out for yourself.

The best thing you can do at college is to give yourself some grace. You’re not going to get everything right, at least not right away. There’s some fine-tuning that has to happen. Figuring out how to handle your needs while balancing classes is not always the quickest process. It’s a big change that takes adjustment. Just remember that your health and well-being should always come first. You’ll thank yourself later! 

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