Kyle Vandermolen Discusses the Challenges Facing Chemical Engineering

The field of chemical engineering is changing and evolving quickly. As a professional, Kyle Vandermolen has seen a lot of changes take place over the duration of his career. At the same time, these challenges also present opportunities for success. If you are thinking about a career in chemical engineering, or if you are already a professional in this field, what are some of the biggest challenges you may face in the near future? There are several examples you should keep in mind.

Kyle Vandermolen

Chronic Exposure To Dangerous Chemicals Is a Significant Concern

One of the biggest challenges facing chemical engineers is chronic exposure to dangerous chemicals. This is a significant concern because a lot of people are so focused on their projects that they do not realize just how dangerous these chemicals are. Even though there are a lot of protective measures in place, Kyle Vandermolen knows that they are not always enough. Furthermore, some people get lazy with their protection from time to time, and they could be exposed to dangerous chemicals. It is important to take a closer look at safety measures that can help chemical engineers stay safe.

The Growing Cost of Materials and Supplies

Without a doubt, the growing cost of materials and supplies is a significant concern. According to Kyle Vandermolen, there are several ways this is taking shape. For example, the rising price of crude oil is impacting the price of everything. If it is too expensive for companies to get their materials, it might be too expensive for them to complete their projects. Furthermore, there is a significant amount of volatility in foreign currency markets. The reality is that just about every material has to be imported from somewhere. No country has everything. Therefore, this volatility can have an impact on overhead expenses as well.

Growing Issues Related to Food and Water Production

Chemical engineers are also responsible for addressing a lot of issues related to food and water production. During the course of his career, Kyle Vandermolen has seen just how important engineers are to addressing these concerns. Unfortunately, with the continuing change in the environment, food and water production has only become a bigger issue. It will be interesting to see if engineers are able to tackle these issues down the road. This is becoming a more pressing concern, and a lot of engineering firms are dedicating more resources to solving the problem.

Looking to the Future of the Field

Even though there are a lot of challenges facing chemical engineering, it is still a rewarding career opportunity. Lots of people enjoy becoming chemical engineers, including Kyle Vandermolen, because they have an opportunity to help people while enjoying a career that is intellectually stimulating. Furthermore, chemical engineers are generally people who are well paid. It will be interesting to see how these challenges are addressed in chemical engineering in the future. There are plenty of opportunities for this industry to continue to grow and expand.

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