Lanyard Style and Size Guide

Lanyards are practical tools used across varying contexts. You wouldn’t think the humble lanyard would have enough shapes and sizes to warrant extended discussion, yet here we are. When purchasing a lanyard, you may want to consider specific designs and dimensions, depending upon how it will serve you. Let’s get you fitted with the most suitable model as we review the range of lanyard styles and sizes available.

Lanyard Style and Size Guide

Lanyard fabrics

Lanyard fabrics vary more than you may think. Of course, the standard materials are nylon and polyester, which are cost-effective and comprise the style of lanyard you’ll see around the schoolyard, office, or factory floor. One tier up from this is cotton, which is slightly more expensive than the aforementioned fabrics, but its natural, plastic-free makeup justifies the price. Cotton is also commonplace in school or workplace settings. 

There is an assortment of other fabrics available outside of the standard three. If you’re after something eco-friendly, choose bamboo or recycled bottles (the latter is not common, but it can be a great sustainable choice when it arises). If you want something a little bit fancy, there are even silk and satin varieties available! And then, of course, there are alternate plastics, such as polypropylene. 

When choosing a lanyard material, you should choose based on your practical requirements, budget, and environmental concerns. For example, if you’re buying in bulk for a large office, cost-effectiveness may be your top concern. On the other hand, if you’re buying something for personal use, by all means, splash out on that satin model or eco-friendly alternative! 

Breakaway lanyards

Breakaway lanyards are the safest models to use, especially in school, kindergarten, or hospital settings. Should they catch on a door (or if a child gives one an unforgiving yank), they will not strangle the wearer but, as the name suggests, break away. 

In most cases, breakaway lanyards will have either a clip that sits at the nape of the neck or a breakaway clasp positioned lower down the lanyard cord. When pulled from either direction, the clip or breakaway clasp will release. These functions are the best preventative measures against choking.

Lanyard attachments

Lanyards exist to keep your ID badge, keys, or other trinkets close to your chest hands-free. Unsurprisingly, there is an assortment of clips, clasps, and attachments available to facilitate your lanyard’s primary function:

  1. Card clamps—Metal clamps that connect to a slot atop ID cards to secure them to the lanyard.
  2. Plastic hooks—Easy-to-use hooks that attach to ID card slots.
  3. Swivel hooks—Simple hooks, typically metal, that swivel on the base. An excellent option for double-sided ID cards.
  4. Split rings—Exactly what it says on the tin. Great for holding keys.
  5. Badge reels—Items that attach to clothing (to facilitate an ID badge) that often have a clamp on the end. Also great for holding smartcards.

Lanyard sizes

A lanyard’s typical length amounts to 91 centimetres. The major exception is a child’s lanyard, which can be anywhere from 30 and 38 centimetres long. When selecting your lanyard, ensure it can accommodate an ID badge (if required), the size of which can vary from workplace to workplace. 

Whilst credit-card-sized ID cards are usually 5.4 centimetres tall and 8.6 centimetres wide, ID cards for government workers tend to be larger, to the tune of 9.9 centimetres tall and 6.7 centimetres wide. Therefore, when selecting a cardholder, check it matches your card measurements.

Custom lanyards

Custom lanyards can be an ideal security solution for the workplace. Rather than purchasing a heap of cheap, generic models, why not buy custom lanyards in bulk? This cost-effective solution allows you to purchase lanyards tailor-made to your business needs. 

If you like the idea of durable lanyards that reflect your organisation's branding, let’s make it happen. Get a quote from Identity People today to discuss your options further. Let’s see your ideal lanyards for your business materialise before your very eyes—at very little cost.

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