What is a Boom Crane and How Does It Work?

Did you know that the largest crane in the world has a height of up to 250 meters? A boom crane is a valuable piece of equipment to have at any job site and for good reason. It provides a ton of different benefits that make it well-suited for construction.

There are a number of different boom brane configurations, like the knuckle boom crane and the lattice boom crane. It is important that you know the differences between these different boom cranes when you're looking for the right one for your next big construction project.

The good news is that you're in the right place to learn about how a boom crane works and the best applications for each type of boom crane so that you're ready to pounce when you find a knuckle boom crane for sale. Keep reading this article to learn more.

What Is a Boom Crane?

A boom crane is instantly recognizable at a construction site because it features a prominent arm that is usually extended into the sky. This arm is known as the boom and it is a hydraulic arm that is great for helping to lift heavy objects to places that are difficult to access.

This arm is powerful enough and versatile enough to be a must-have piece of equipment on almost any type of construction project that you can imagine.

How Does a Boom Crane Work?

So you're probably wondering what a boom crane does that allows it to work. The answer to that question depends on the type of boom crane that you're looking at using. There are two main types of boom cranes that you need to know more about, and they are the lattice boom crane and the hydraulic boom crane.

Lattice Boom Crane

The lattice boom crane uses a bunch of steel bars that get welded together to form a superstructure of the crane's boom. These steel bars are often welded together in a way that makes a pattern of V-shaped designs. This use of steel is intended to strengthen the crane so that it will have no issues moving heavy objects high into the air.

It also is great for minimizing weight since it is hollow but supported by steel on the outsides of the design. This makes it a perfect option if you're someone that prefers to use a crawler crane, like those found at.

These booms stay at a fixed or set length, which makes them different from hydraulic boom cranes. Still, a lattice boom crane will have no problems swiveling or moving from one side to another when moving a heavy load for your project. It is important to make sure that your crane operators are well trained to avoid accidents when moving heavy loads with your lattice boom crane.

Hydraulic Boom Crane

The hydraulic boom crane is different from the lattice boom crane in a variety of ways. The major difference that you'll see when comparing these different types of boom cranes is that the hydraulic boom is capable of extending to reach further distances. This also gives the boom the ability to retract which makes transporting a boom truck crane a breeze compared to a lattice boom crane.

These booms work using a hydraulic system that produces impressive amounts of power for moving heavy loads all around your construction site. The system operates by using hydraulic fluid and a pump to create pressure. This hydraulic fluid operates around a cylinder which gets pushed in or out by the pressure that the system creates.

You'll find many telescoping boom cranes to be hydraulic booms though there are also folding booms that aren't hydraulic if you're looking for something that is capable of lighter workloads. Telescoping boom cranes are the best option if you're working in a large construction zone and need some heavy-duty power.

You'll find that going with folding boom cranes is the better option if you're operating in a small construction zone since these are easier to retract and move around. They're designed for precise maneuvering which allows for a smaller job site and safer working conditions for your employees.

Benefits of Boom Cranes

There are a number of benefits that you'll gain when you choose to purchase or lease a knuckle boom crane or a boom truck crane for sale for your business needs. Knowing these benefits will make it much easier to part with the money required to get one of these great machines onto your worksite.

Great Lifting Capabilities

If you're in need of a crane that will lift heavy objects or equipment into the air and access high places then you should look no further than the knuckle boom crane. It is the most capable option when it comes to cranes which is why you'll find this type of crane at almost any job site that you cross paths with.

You'll have zero issues moving heavy objects and equipment across job sites or up onto building structures during the construction process. It is also a great choice if you run a warehouse and need help with warehouse management.

More Payload Space

Knuckle boom cranes are also great because they offer a greater payload than other types of cranes despite being smaller and more transportable. This is great because you'll have no problems moving things around the job site but you won't need to sacrifice a ton of space to do so.

Better Control

It is no secret that cranes create safety hazards on job sites. The good news is that your crane operator will have much more control when operating a knuckle boom crane compared to other types of boom cranes. This means the job will get done in a more efficient manner while keeping everyone safe.

Get a Boom Crane for Your Next Project

Investing in a boom crane is one of the best decisions that your construction company can make when you discover a knuckle boom crane for sale in your area. These cranes are easy to maneuver and control and they offer a ton of power. They also provide the best combination of size and payload space when it comes to a boom truck crane.

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