Things You Can Do to Improve Your Company’s Social Media Accounts Today

Social media can be an incredibly useful tool for business. It means you can reach your target audience with ease, see what people are saying about you and much more. But not all businesses do social media well. The good news is, it’s easy to improve your social media strategy with little effort or cost, and here are some things you should look at doing right away.

Social Media Accounts

Make sure ads point to a relevant landing page

If you’re spending money on a great ad campaign and writing an engaging headline, then you need to make sure people are being taken to the right page. The biggest mistake companies make is just sending people to a generic form or their homepage, as people will often click through, get confused and just click back. Consider working with a landing page design agency to create a page with a very clear call to action (CTA) that sets out exactly what a customer needs to do next.

Make a content plan

A lot of small businesses just upload content as and when they think of it. But as your business grows, you should think about making a content plan. This helps you stay organised and ensures you always have something to say.

Some popular types of social media posts, to give you some ideas, include:

        Giveaways and competitions

        Memes and fun posts

        Link to your own blog posts, if they’re good and worth sharing

        Create a challenge or ask followers to post content such as them using your product

        Make a how-to guide for one of your products, for example, how to style a piece of clothing

        Posts about national days

Don’t forget to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. You shouldn’t copy them outright, but rather try to improve on what others do.

Bring yourself up to date with new features

The great thing about social media is that it’s changing all the time. But that does mean you have to try and keep up with all the latest features and changes. You should make a plan for social media development that includes new features and makes the most of them. For example, TikTok is launching some new features to help you create and track ads, which will be useful for companies who are looking to appeal to Gen-Z.

Get free training

Even if you fancy yourself as a bit of a social media whiz, most of us could do with a refresh now and again. Luckily, you can access social media training from the government for free, which is aimed at helping small businesses go digital. It’s worth taking advantage of these opportunities, so that you can stay ahead of the crowd.

While social media is a useful tool, not all businesses show their best side on it. It’s worth thinking about what you’re currently doing in terms of social media and how that could be improved. Working on your social media can help you to reach a whole new customer base.

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