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10+ Best Cleaning Services in Australia | End of Lease Cleaning

Are you concerned that you won't get your bond back because of the end-of-lease cleaning procedure? Do you need to clean your apartment thoroughly before you move, but you're running out of time?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, please get in touch with Jim's Cleaning Group right away. We will take care of the whole end-of-lease cleaning operation for you from start to finish so that you can get your full bond back.

Cleaning Services

Perth Australia offers the best cleaning services includes:


  • Perth Grout Cleaner Perth 
  •  Oven Perth 
  •  Accountants Perth 
  •  Air Conditioning Perth
  •  Arborists Bond Cleaner Perth
  •  End Of Lease Cleaner Perth 
  •  Perth Builders Perth
  •  Car Detailing Perth 
  •  Perth Carpet Cleaners 
  •  Perth Concreters Perth
  •  Electricians Perth 
  •  Fencers Perth 
  •  Painters Perth 
  •  Personal Trainers Perth


End of Lease Cleaning Perth:

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our end-of-lease cleaning services in Melbourne. Use our award-winning end-of-lease cleaning service if you're a tenant looking to clean your home for a full bond refund or an Airbnb owner looking to clean up their space for a lease. Apart from washing, our expert technician also provides antiviral sanitation, which involves using an invisible protective layer for long-term disinfectant results.

ASP is the most famous cleaning service in Perth and the surrounding areas. We've washed houses, workplaces, industrial spaces, and various other environments. As a result, we have the necessary experience and skills to fulfill your cleaning requirements.

We are dedicated to delivering excellent customer support and high-quality performance as a locally owned business. Our cleaning experts work closely with clients to ensure that we clearly understand what is needed on move-out day. This degree of personalization, combined with our dedication to adhering to all industry requirements, ensures that no detail is overlooked during the cleaning process.


Furthermore, our meticulous attention to detail and more than 25 years of experience have established us as a leading cleaning company in Australia and a name you can rely on. Now is the time to get your no-cost, no-obligation estimate.


Cleaning Services at the End of a Lease

Our customers chose us because of the following reasons:

  • We are adaptable and cost-effective.
  • Both a fixed price and an hourly rate service are available.
  • We bring all of our cleaning supplies with us.
  • To clean your building, we get our cleaning chemical.
  • You are not required to provide anything unless you wish to.
  • Our cleaners have undergone extensive training.
  • Both of our cleaners have a recent national police background check.
  • Since we are a family-owned small company, we are concerned.
  • We have excellent value for capital.
  • We are completely covered to cover unintended harm or injuries.

End-of-Lease Cleaning: How Much Does It Cost?

We understand that relocating can be costly. You're probably looking for a cleaning service that offers reasonable rates and guarantees their work. We provide both services at ASP Cleaning Services.

We do not charge by the hour, unlike other cleaning firms. Instead, our cleaning fees are assessed on a job-by-job basis, and our project-based fees ensure that there are no surprises or last-minute charges. We also use our cleaning supplies and equipment, ensuring a high-quality clean while saving you money. With our all-inclusive, upfront pricing, you can be assured that the end-of-lease cleaning price we quote is exactly what you'll pay.


Regardless of how large or small, your apartment is, our cleaning professionals will provide the services you need to ensure that you obtain your bond back. When you contact us about end-of-lease cleaning, we will ask you a few quick questions about the services you need and about your rental apartment, after which we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.


You can use a full-time or part-time cleaner for your home when you pay your services after receiving quotes and defining all the tasks you want to be cleaner, and every day, you can receive outstanding services at an economical price. The payment you make to the company online or via check and sweeper will always be made at your house.

It's the most flexible way to use End of Lease Cleaning with excellent efficiency and excellent working at a reasonable price. It is just the cheapest way to locate a high-quality cleaner for your home, and you have every responsibility if you employ one of your people. Search for the most successful solutions experts at the end of the lease.

Checklist: End of lease cleaning 

Kitchen - Clean oven, racks and top burner. Cook areas. Remove all chemicals and marks of wiping.

Exhaust cap – clean all marks of oil, clean filters and make sure light works.

Sinks - Drain food, clean taps and spray water.

Benches – wash out all areas and walls of the surface.

Washing machine: clean inside, with all racks and rubbers included. Remove and clean the food from the filter.

Cooler – take out and wipe up the bottom and back.

Remove all oil and dust from the extractor fan

Cabinets – clean out and empty. 

Walls – all walls wipe. Wipe off. Remove cobwebs from corners and, if need be, remove

Windows – clean indoors and outdoors for any window or door. Clean the tracks and blinds in the window.

Drawing and cupboards – tidy, clear and wipe.

Ledges: Scrub all shelves, walls, skirting boards, door tops, and sliding door paths.

Flying Screens: Remove and return wash screens.

Lights—place unwiring bulbs, clean all light switches and lights.

Extras: Any supplied apparatus or furniture should be washed and left in the condition it was purchased.

Floors – vacuum or sweeping floors before mopping. Bathrooms and washing facilities

Glasses – all mirrors can be cleaned and markers removed.

Toilet – clean the bowl under and around, including under the toilet.

We have every reason to express our proud achievements first because we have completed one decade of our cleaning services since it was established in 2010. In the significant Metropolitan Australia cities such as Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, ASP Cleaning Services have increasingly expanded its operations to include cleaning, pesticide control and hourly cleaning of tapestry clothing. Whether it be residential flats or a single home, we know the problems you will face with your bond recovery.

We could read the emotional thinking process that crosses your mind each year when you sign a rental bond on your home. However vigilant you are, your walls, cupboards, windows, and ceilings are affected by coarse wind, mist, hydraulics, rain and pollution around you. If your routines or activities are boring, your bedrooms, washrooms, dining room and laundry might also be affected by the potential of stain, full of dirt, grease and oil.

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Best cleaning services in Perth:

ASP Cleaning Services provides both extensive and wise unit cleaning. Our staff is well aware of the current lease act with ten years' reputation in the domestic cleaning sector. They define unique techniques for the renovation and retention of the original land. So the whole advance money you paid is retrieved. Be assured ASP Cleaning because it values your time, resources and commitment to make your home’s a dwelling place of love, peace and harmony.

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