2021 How to Format SD Card On Mac?

If you are wondering that how to format the ad card on the Mac you have to follow the following steps. These steps help guide you through the step-to-step removal of the format of the SD card on the Mac Usually the SD card which comes are preformatted and provide you the space of the limited file and will also less risk the problem with the camera. So, you have to take care of the correct filesystem to format with it. The step is following.

How to Format SD Card On Mac

·     Connect the SD Card with the Mac

Multiple ways help to format the SD Card. In the Mac, there is already the built-in SD slot. If you find that available in your system the steps are simple you just have to go directly into the SD Card and delete the material. But on the other hand, if you are using the MicroSD card which is inserted into the SD adapter cartridge. Whereas the USB SD card reader is also available in which you can delete the who card.

How to Format SD Card On Mac

·     Open the Disk Utility App

If we see things from the broader perspective then Mac OS X operating system is used to download and install the whole SD card. If you go on your Application folder in which there is another subfolder such as Application – Utilities – Disk Utility. On the other way use another method of the spotlight (if you see the magnifying glass icon is available at the top right corner of you screen) this is a kind of search bar and when you click on the icon write the “disk utility” on it.

·     Identify the SD Card

If you open the Disk Utility screen you will find on the left side various drives on your Mac and then connect to it. It will show both Mac’s internal and external drive. The SD Card usually shows in the External section. If you formatted it before usually occur as “No Name” or on the other side, it is “UNTITLED”. The important thing is accurate to mention the space of the SD card if you enter the SD card of 64 GB you must have a space of 64GB, if you have 84GB card space must be 84GB otherwise you select the wrong drive.

·     Enter the Card Name

In this field, you have to add the file name which you assign to your card. It is a kind of optional step if you want to retain the name of NO Name or Untitled it is fine too. But it is quite convenient if you display the friendly name it will help to find perfectly. You should always rename with the shorter name otherwise it will be rejected.

·     Choose the Filesystem Format

 When you go under the drop-down format menu you will get many different kinds of options. The mainly things are stored in the MS-Dos (fat32) AND EXfat. Both of these depend on the size storage card. for example, if you are you have an SD Card of 64 GB or larger than it then chooses the ExFAT. Whereas if you have an SD card of 32GB or smaller then you choose the MS-DOS (FAT32).

Choose the Filesystem Format

·     Hit the Erase Button

When you choose the card then hot the button of erase. This will erase the data and the message will pop up on the screen when the process of the erase has been completed. There is a different kind of things that must understand the most important thing is the one the data erase it will hard to recover it whereas on the other side you aree also not allowed to erase the limited amount of the data. When hit the erase button it will automatically delete the overall data from the file

Alternative Method: Help to SD Card Format

There is another alternative method for format the SD card on your Mac but automatically downloads the Free SD card Formatter. There is some small Disk Utility benefit in which it automatically detects what is not in the SD card and makes the non- microSD available. This helps to decrease the accidental charges of deleting the wrong drive. It automatically selects the size of the appropriate size and will help in deleting the accurate filesystem. For example, if you want to delete the 64GB it will directly go for the format the SDXC specification by using the exFAT. It automatically eliminates the risk of selecting if the wrong option. After this, it will provide the massage pop up on the screen of deleting the file.

Alternative Method: Help to SD Card Format


This is quite an effective way of deleting the SD card which has been defined above. Although there is a different kind of system that has been involved in it the if you go for the wrong deletion of some kind of the exercise.  


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