The Best Anniversary Gift Ideas For 2021

Choosing anniversary gifts often comes with a lot of pressure. Through your present, not only do you want to show how special your loved one is to you, but you also want to express your feelings in the best possible manner. Unlike common belief, the best anniversary gifts don’t have to be extravagant or expensive; they just have to be meaningful. Below we’ll give you some traditional anniversary gift ideas to help you plan a thoughtful, romantic, or just plain practical gift.

Here is our take on the best anniversary gift ideas for 2021.

Best Anniversary Gift Ideas

5 Best Anniversary Gift Ideas for 2021

The best anniversary gifts should be meaningful and well thought out. You can wow your partner with a heartful present that contains a card full of positive memories and warm sentiments. Or maybe you’re looking for a gift to give your parents or grandparents celebrating a significant anniversary. Hopefully, the ideas we share below will help you find the perfect gift they can cherish for years to come. 

Sophie Bille Brahe Pearl Earrings

Sophie Bille Brahe Pearl Earrings is a perfect anniversary gift for a lady. It’s refined and elegant pieces are inspired by the night sky. Set with an organic and polished pearl, and cast from 140-karat gold, these ‘Venus’ earrings look so cool and can be worn on any occasion. Your partner will love these magnificent drops even if she already owns a single-strand necklace.

Zippo® Personalized Windproof Lighter

When it comes to providing the best lighters, nothing beats Zippo. If your loved one smokes regularly or occasionally, chances are the lighter stays with them all the time. The Zippo Personalized Windproof lighter comes with a customizable face, allowing you to add your affectionate message, anniversary date, or names on it.

The product comes in four stylish finishes, including brushed chrome, matte, street chrome, and high-polished chrome. The matte finish offers three color options that include black, white, or red. The lighter is 2.25 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and 0.5 inches thick.

Even if your partner doesn’t smoke, the lighter can come in handy when they go camping, to light candles, and on many other occasions. 

Brushed Gold Skeleton Pocket Watch

After World War I, pocket watches were replaced by wristwatches. Today, when wristwatches have become a commonplace accessory, the rarity of pocket watches have made them an exceptional item that reflects personality, sophistication, and character.

If your guy likes classic style items such as cuff links, the Brushed Gold Skeleton Pocket Watch is an ideal present for him. Its elegant design will add to their personality as they cast that occasional glance to check the time. Hence, it’s one of those pieces your partner will absolutely love.

Anniversary Memento Personalized Silver Tray

Here is what you can gift to a cute couple on their anniversary. The Anniversary Memento Personalized Silver Tray serves as an extraordinary way to celebrate their everlasting love.

Measuring 9.5 inches square, the shimmering silver tray features a delicate ribbed edge with a softly beveled center. Its professional engraving offers excellent flexibility so that you can add the anniversary year and date along with the couple's first names. Without a doubt, it's an unforgettable keepsake to capture treasured memories for years to come.

Custom Canvas Prints

We’ve kept the best idea for the end— Canvas Prints. If you want to give something meaningful to your loved one or share past moments with them, you can go for Canvas Factory prints. All you have to do is choose a picture representing your life with the loved one and send it to Canvas Factory. The print will be at your doorstep in just a few days!

Choose a Gift By Theme

If you’re not in love with some of our above suggestions, then you might want to go by traditional anniversary gift themes. We know that you want to express your love, but you might not want to go over the top. Get inspired by some of the following gift-giving traditions, and don’t be afraid to go outside the box. Here are traditional gift ideas from year one to year sixty:

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  • 1st Anniversary: Paper
  • 2nd Anniversary: Cotton
  • 3rd Anniversary: Leather
  • 4th Anniversary: Fruit or Flowers
  • 5th Anniversary: Wood
  • 6th Anniversary: Candy or Iron
  • 7th Anniversary: Wool or Copper
  • 8th Anniversary: Pottery or Bronze
  • 9th Anniversary: Willow or Pottery
  • 10th Anniversary: Tin or Aluminum
  • 11th Anniversary: Steel
  • 12th Anniversary: Silk or Linen
  • 13th Anniversary: Lace
  • 14th Anniversary: Gold Jewelry
  • 15th Anniversary: Crystal
  • 16th Anniversary: Coffee or Tea
  • 17th Anniversary: Wine or Spirits
  • 18th Anniversary: Appliances
  • 19th Anniversary: Jade
  • 20th Anniversary: China
  • 21st Anniversary: Fire (theme)
  • 22nd Anniversary: Water (theme)
  • 23rd Anniversary: Air (theme)
  • 24th Anniversary: Stone (theme)
  • 25th Anniversary: Silver
  • 26th Anniversary: Art
  • 27th Anniversary: Music
  • 28th Anniversary: Linens
  • 29th Anniversary: Tools
  • 30th Anniversary: Pearls
  • 31st Anniversary: Travel
  • 32nd Anniversary: Bronze
  • 33rd Anniversary: Iron
  • 34th Anniversary: Food
  • 35th Anniversary: Coral
  • 36th Anniversary: Antiques
  • 37th Anniversary: Books
  • 38th Anniversary: Luck (theme)
  • 39th Anniversary: Laughter (theme)
  • 40th Anniversary: Ruby
  • 41st Anniversary: Office or Desk Decor
  • 42nd Anniversary: Clocks or Watches
  • 43rd Anniversary: Entertainment (theme)
  • 44rd Anniversary: Electronics (theme)
  • 45th Anniversary: Sapphire
  • 46th Anniversary: Games
  • 47th Anniversary: Garden or Plants
  • 48th Anniversary: Home Improvement (theme)
  • 49th Anniversary: Copper
  • 50th Anniversary: Gold
  • 51st Anniversary: Photos or Cameras
  • 52nd Anniversary: Bath or Spa (theme)
  • 53rd Anniversary: Plastic
  • 54th Anniversary: Glass
  • 55th Anniversary: Emerald
  • 56th Anniversary: Day (theme)
  • 57th Anniversary: Night (theme)
  • 58th Anniversary: Faith and Hope (theme)
  • 59th Anniversary: Charity (theme)
  • 60th Anniversary: Diamond

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best anniversary gift ideas for 2021. You can confidently present one of the anniversary gifts mentioned above to your loved one. They’ll simply love it!

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