JUTE: Eco-Friendly Blessing from India

Jute is considered as the second most important “Natural Fiber” after cotton. Jute is a biodegradable plant used to make jute handicrafts, hessian, gunny cloth, and burlap. The famous name of jute is the Golden Fiber due to its gold shade and high monetary value. It is a soft, long, and shiny fiber that can easily be spun into thread.

Blessing from India

Jute is a yearly crop i.e. grown in India and Bangladesh near the Ganges. 90% of the production of the world’s jute is harvested in Bangladesh and the rest in India.

This plant needs plain alluvial soil and standing deep water. The optimal weather for farming jute is wet and warm means monsoon season. Soft water is very important for the production of the jute plant. The industry was bombed by this plant in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Eco-Friendly products from Jute




Canvas is the first-class jute item, woven firmly with the best quality of fiber. This canvas is widely used in India for protection from changing climate.




Jute Shopping bags are made using sacking fabrics with straps, handles, chains in different shapes and sizes. They can be used for anything from taking office to grocery shopping. These bags are bleached and developed with some creative details. Some bags are made for sample purposes for selling.

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          Hessian Cloth


The Hessian cloth is a superior quality of jute, it is also known as Burlap. Hessian material is used for different uses throughout the world in the fabric frame and sacks. Sacks are used to carry vegetables, tobacco, dry-food materials.


          Hydrocarbon Free Jute Cloth


This jute material has a hessian texture, it is free from all the touch of hydrocarbon. It is processed in vegetable oil. This material is used to make sacks for coffee beans, nut beans, cocoa beans, and other food items. They are free from any type of fuel stinks.


          Jute Rugs and Mats


Jute floor rugs are made of woven and heaped rugs. Jute mats are continuously woven in the Southern area of India. They come in a wide range of designs, colors, and quality, these mats, and rugs are made by using handlooms and power looms in Kerala, India. The most popular product in the home décor range is the Sarangi mat.


          Fashion & Decorative Products


The designer Footwears, jackets, and adornments are the new products of custom-made jute items. Jute-mixed Carpets and Floor covers enhance Home decorations. Woven artwork is also made like Shopping bags, blankets, and cushion or pillow covers. All these products made by jute are eco-friendly and recyclable.


With the increase in soil pollution and sustainability becoming a social and ecological topic of worry across the world, consumers like you and me need to guide the change. This festival season tries to be the change you want and look towards our heritage of naturally grown fiber for handmade gifts.


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