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To save themselves from losing out from competition, brands these days are taking a plunge and thinking of creative ways to apply the technology. With the advent of voice marketing, now is the time for every brand to strengthen their core message and communicate clearly via audios. Extending your reach to your customers through voice-enabled digital devices can help to boost your marketing strategy abundantly. 

Today audio messages and voice-based platforms are becoming more desirable for audiences as these help to reduce visual stress and can provide the required message with much ease. For brands, this means that crafting an identifiable and relatable voice marketing strategy is as essential as harbouring a unique visual identity. Successful voice marketing means understanding how people use voice technology and catering marketing strategies to those habits by hiring a professional Advertisement voice actor in Punjabi or any other language. Brands can develop key relationships with various segments of the audience using voice in a more meaningful and natural way.


So how can a great voice marketing strategy fuel your brand?


  1. Improving Customer Experience

Great marketing campaigns analyse the habits and preferences of customers and provide them a better experience in a seamless manner. Voice marketing can help to achieve this in a relevant fashion and thus improve the identity of your brand.


  1. Creating better ‘visibility’ through sound

Voice marketing will help you to get discovered by your potential customers, hence creating a wider and qualified market for your product or services. Audio has always had a role to play when it comes to branding and voice marketing will eventually help your business to get discovered better and ultimately purchased.


  1. Driving Traffic

Voice technology is still in its formative years that creates a huge opportunity for brands to utilize it and accelerate business. Businesses with voice strategies that understand the needs of their customers have better chances of incurring higher web traffic.


Here’s how you can take the voice over or audio and bring it to life through voice marketing:


  1. Research Your Audience

To understand your audience better, it is always advised to conduct a small research to determine how viable and successful your product or service would be among these people. If you know where and why your customers require voice, you can help them naturally by building strong connections between your core message and their needs.

You can grab a small sample of your audience and segregate on the basis of:






     Education level

     Marital status


Once you narrow down who your customers are, find out their needs, interests and personalities. For example, do they follow comedy movies? If yes, they may appreciate humour in the voice over of your marketing strategy. If your audience reads sci-fi, you can include sci-fi puns as part of your marketing voice.



  1. Use the tone that connects with the audience

Without a listener, your marketing voice and tone would be meaningless. A weak brand message with a feeble emotional quotient can convert any communication to plain noise. Hence it is important to connect with your audience with the right tone. Sound evokes emotional response quickly and the right tone can help you to strike the right chords with your audience.



  1. Choose the right voice

Developing brand identity among customers requires consistency, strategy and a voice that can enhance the branding. A good marketing strategy dictates that the message must be delivered consistently everywhere through an established brand voice. It’s true that if you don't pay attention to selecting the right voice, your efforts are likely to fall flat, and lose out a chunk of prospect consumers.


So how does a good voice help to improve your marketing approach?


     Helps in providing brand credibility

To develop a sense of trust in people, the voice artist must be able to build connection with the audience. It is also important to take into account the accent of the people while targeting the native audience. The artist must be able to understand the nuances of the language and dialect by giving them a voice over that hits home with the listeners.


     Adds a human touch

In this world full of AI and synthetic voices, people tend to connect better with a human voice that can embody the feeling of happiness, surprise or compassion. By creating an emotional tie, a professional voice artist can successfully capture an audience’s attention.


     Persuades audience to take action

The voice must be persuasive enough to create a lasting image in the minds of the audience. The voice selected must be enthusiastic, helping the audience to take intended action and convincing them to identify with the brand’s ideology.


     Creates a ‘lively’ experience

The tone of the voice over artist will help to enliven your characters and reinforce the idea presented to determine how the explainer video will sound to the consumers. The artist that identifies with the brand can keep the audience hooked by the quality of his/her voice narration and a seasoned voice artist can provide an even tone to enliven any story or character.


If you are trying to hire a good voice artist for your campaign, always ensure that you reflect on your brand’s message and find the voice that resonates best with your message. Amidst the shutdown, with most of the voice over agencies closed, Voyzapp has been helping brands to find quality dubbing services in multiple languages through its tech-based portal. Voyzapp has thousands of artists working on multiple languages and categories who will help you to provide quality voice overs at a quick turnaround time. The intuitive dashboard and options of sorting artists on the basis of costs ensures that you get professional voice artists within your budget.


So, do not miss the ‘audio’ component when devising your marketing plan. Drive your business growth through voice marketing to meet your listener needs and evolving expectations!


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