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The French department store market is very popular with foreign buyers, many people prefer to go to France (whether as a resident or a second home) due to the many locations which France must have. At the top of many grocery listings are weather, food, alcohol and lifestyle. But what many of these buyers are unaware of is the diversity of properties available in France. In addition to the models of houses in every country today, there are many unusual Chateau for sale in south of France.

french chateau for sale

Such features include stone houses, gardens, castles, mansions, gardens, houses, and so on. In addition to the accommodation itself, there are a variety of products for sale with additional features such as lakes (usually fishing ponds), rivers, beaches, outbuildings, large mountains in the garden, large plots of land (such as horses), extra space (such as stables) and so on. Unlike in some countries it is often not easy to find a home with this feature or additional features as there is a wide selection of properties for sale in France that have to them.

Although the trait can be found in every region of France, the species exists from region to region. For example:

Ski houses are only found in the mountains, and villas are almost always found in the warm south of France. This is mainly due to the fact that different climatic zones affect the requirements for local housing. For example, in mountainous areas, the roofs are usually steep to avoid heavy snow. In the cold north, the windows are more south to capture the sun, while in the warm south they turn to the north to keep the house cool in the long summer. Not only does the weather affect the structure of the building; Characteristics such as soil composition and humidity determine factors such as availability, depth and type of foot and base.

What is not clear is that some building materials (such as granite stone) are usually used in some areas. In the past, it was expensive to transport materials for long distances, so each area had to renovate their homes to use local materials, such as stone, wood or other materials. Although transportation is currently less problematic, most people find it unreasonable to develop models that clearly do not fit into the local area, and in some cases, local laws. against this.

Similarly, many real estate projects like Chartreuse are unique to some areas. Decorative materials, such as wooden balconies or lilies that grow on thatched houses, are usually local areas.

Visit stores in France to find out more about the different types of homes, including local and non-regional models. In this article, however, we only look at the local product, noting that when selecting a region, a select device is available.

Similarly, the decision to buy a house type with certain types of property decides in which area the property can be seen. Some people may think this is a limitation. However, this approach has two advantages. The first benefit is that local development is a method that has complied with local laws and has been tried and tested for hundreds of years. This prevents disasters that occur in other countries (such as Mediterranean villa-style houses in New Zealand, which were once very popular but have proved unsuitable for New Zealand weather). ). The second advantage is that it is part of the regional culture. One of the attractions of France is that each region has its own theme of food, wine, climate, culture, language, etc. Regional architecture is another area of ​​interest.

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