Common SEO myths debunked for you!

The world of SEO is dynamic. What seems to trend right now will lose its sheen the next minute. Attribute it to the search engines that keep changing their rules to limit blackhat SEO tricks. 

Common SEO myths debunked for you!

Because of the constant shifts, businesses are figuring out what's right and what's not for improving their SERP. Unfortunately, many follow outdated processes thinking that they're still relevant. 

Below is the list of the common myths debunked! Hire an SEO expert as a freelancer or find a suitable company that aligns with your business's interest. Search for potential contacts using the email search tool, Its Chrome extension to Linkedin and Gmail answers your question about how to find someone's email address!

The higher, the better!

We all know how keywords play a crucial role in improving the page's ranking in search results. Many use it strategically in their articles and columns to gain more traffic to the website. Unfortunately, a few consider keywords the only factor in determining a higher rank.

Now, let's compare this thought process with preparing food. What would happen if you put too much salt in your dish just because you know salt enhances the flavor? Of course, the food would taste over-salted! The same goes with the over-using of keywords. 

Protip: Let the words flow naturally in the content - that way, the search engine will connect the dots between your & higher ranking keywords and place content accordingly!

The stuffings are important.

Stuffings are only great for dishes like turkeys and pies but definitely not for the online content. There was a time when the search engines prioritized the articles with a higher number of links and keywords. It led to people misusing the rule for their benefit.

They started stuffing the articles with links regardless of their relevancy. Now, it's a definitive case of quality over quantity. Use only one link but write qualitative and naturally flowing content - you will observe an increase in web traffic! 

Socials don't matter!

When you see that brands are engaging on different social platforms, all while creating content on their website doesn't mean they are investing too much in digital marketing. It is a rule of thumb to communicate with the other platform audiences to attract as much attention as possible.

And, it doesn't burn a hole in your pocket too. Using relevant hashtags and trending on social media is also a significant factor in improving your SEO. The more engagement you create on social media, the better the SERP ratings are.

Final thoughts

These are the fundamental myths debunked - when adopted - there will be a significant change in results. Concentrate on mobile's adaptability as the search engine also considers a better performing website on phone for improving your ranking.

Although weighing SEO higher than the other marketing techniques is also a big no-no. Articles and posts get traffic to the website, but the other strategies like emails and texts get the user to buy the product! 

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