6 Best Types of Kitchen Sinks for Your Home

Before you dive directly into the purchase of kitchen sinks, you would definitely want to get to know all the available options. While you might think that you just require a sink that is of the right size or color for your kitchen, there is a lot to consider the type of sink that will work best in your home as well.

Kitchen Sinks

So, the following are the various types of sinks, from which you can choose the right one for you and your house:

1. Top-Mount, Drop-In, or Self-Rimming Sink

This specific sink style is known by several names and is one of the most popular sinks. A drop-in sink is a sink that has a visible lip encompassing the perimeter and rests flat on the counter. As its name suggests, these sinks drop right into the counter-top space cut-out, and the lip across the sink holds it in place.

2. Undermount Sink

Undermount sinks are the type of sinks that are installed from below the countertop. This sink style consists of a rim, but the rim is not quite visible as it gets attached to the bottom of the counter. Also, Undermount kitchen sinks offer you a little more counter-top space than the top-mount or drop-in sink options.

However, it is best to attach an undermount sink with a solid counter-top material. Because only solid materials such as graniteconcrete, and marble are strong enough to take the weight of a sink and its contents.

However, this type of sink style is not good, if you have laminated or tile counters because they have many weak points along seams and grout lines, which makes it harder to hold the weight of these specific sinks.

3. Farmhouse Sink or Apron-Front Sink

A farmhouse sink, also known as an “apron-front sink,” is a sink that features an exposed front. Also, farmhouse sinks have large, deep basins, and are usually much deeper than the latest undermount or top-mount kitchen sinks, which makes it easy to wash unusually bigger pots and pans.

Basically designed to sit slightly to the front of the enveloping cabinets, apron front sinks block water from landing on and damaging cabinets. Rather, their unique style or design allows all excess water to flow down the front of the sink and onto the floor.

The design and feel of an apron-front sink bring a sense of rustic character. These types of sinks can increase in both country and traditional style kitchens.

4. Single Basin or Bowl Sink

A single basin or single bowl sink has one basin in it. These types of sinks are generally available in compact sizes, so they are able to fit in any kind of kitchen. Though, some people like to believe that the more sink bowls, the better, single bowl sinks are styled to fit the same space. This makes washing bigger dishes easy.

Also, without any corners or edges, single basin sinks are easy and quick to clean. And they usually come at a cheaper price than their multiple basin counterparts, though they are not as accomplished and might use more water and cleanser.

5. Double Basin or Bowl Sink

Either known as double basin sinks or double bowl sinks, these kitchen sinks usually come in a rectangular shape with two side-by-side bowls or basins. These bowls, which are separated by a partition, can be of the same size or different sizes. The most common measurements for double bowl sinks are 13/18 inches and 30/20 inches.

But keep in mind that, double bowl sinks seem to take up more counter-top space than single bowl sinks. Nevertheless, you can easily multitask with a double bowl sink. For instance, you can use one of its basins for food prep, and the other for washing dishes. So, if you find this type of sink right for your kitchen, then shop double basin sinks at Houzer; the best sink provider.

6. Bar Sink

These sinks are smaller than standard sinks. Bar sinks are usually 9.5 to 18 inches wide. With their small size, these types of sinks are a great option if you have limited space on your countertop and are best for small bar areas where you need to keep as much space as possible.

Because of their size, bar sinks have a small basin, commonly used for simple prep tasks like washing fruits and vegetables. You get various options when it comes to bar sinks, as they are available with one or two basins and also as drop-in or undermounted sinks.

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Now that you have read all about various kinds of kitchen sinks, it is time to shop for your favorite one at Houzer.

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