How Can You Promote Your Brand Using Instagram Stories

These days, socially engaged businesses stay up-to-date with the latest Instagram features to stay competitive. Instagram stories are one of the new features that are so popular among users where it offers a box-fresh vehicle to promote your brand. As there are more than 500 million daily Instagram Stories users, utilizing Instagram stories provides a valuable opportunity to reach your potential audience. If you want to use your Instagram stories as a powerful marketing strategy, then explore these tips to thrive your business in the long run.

Instagram Stories

Trollishly: Promote Timely News

Instagram stories are the most notable feature on Instagram when you open the app. You can promote your new products through a vibrant photo or video. Also, you can include your sales, discounts, late hours, recent blog posts where these are known as calls for celebration. A short 15 seconds story should excite your customers and make them purchase your brand.

To lay a strong foundation and promote your brand, create eye-catching visual content, add call-to-action text with exciting news, and add a link that directs to your page. When speaking about links, if you have more than 10000 Instagram followers, you can add a direct link to your website to your Instagram story. And inform users to swipe up to access the link. Even if you have followers less than 10K, add text and inform users to click the link in your bio. Make sure to add the correct bio link first. Also, include hashtags using hashtag stickers to show your story in more people's feeds.

Trend Watch

Trends come and go, but it is sensible to stick with the trends to make your product go viral overnight on social media. Huge trends influence the social media market, and you can be a part of the conversation by relating your product to the latest story. If you have correctly done your Instagram stories with your imagination, you can gain more customers and increase engagement. And to improve your organic traffic and grow your profile's reach, you can look over high-quality Instagram stories views service providers like Trollishly to buy automatic Instagram story views. Once you have purchased the story views and submitted your Instagram details, you will get story views instantly. And this makes your brand more visible.

Product Demonstrations

If you want your brand more memorable to your users, a little effort can go a long way. It's an excellent idea to use Instagram stories where it provides an opportunity to showcase your products from a different perspective. Demonstrating your brand on Instagram stories will pave the way to establish your brand's reach.

Engage Users With Interactive Content

When you create interactive content, your customers will more likely stick with your service, and you will be surprised by seeing the results. More features on Instagram help brands quickly, effectively, and easily invite their potential audience to engage with their content. Instagram stickers are a great way to grab the attention of users. Here naming a few:

Poll Stickers: Poll stickers are fun to make your users engage with your service and bring tangible results. This is the reason that poll stickers are popular with users and influencers. A simple yes/no question will help you get the results in real-time with only a single tap.

Product Sticker: If you want to promote a specific product, then product stickers are a great option. There are more dynamic stickers for products available on Instagram. It helps you easily tag a product and add a link to support your customers to know more about your product or buy that product from your Instagram story.

Question Stickers: Did you want to know about your brand and need unique answers? Then, it's time to use the question stickers. It helps you to get suggestions from your audience about your brand.

Quiz Sticker: Everyone likes to show their knowledge when it's easy. Adding quiz stickers on Instagram stories will interact with your users and encourage them to engage with your brand.

Teasers Of New Products

Are you launching a new product soon? If so, the best way to widen the reach is to tease your product with an informative story. This makes your followers spread the story on your behalf and creates a buzz. Therefore, your new products will reach your potential audience and encourage them to buy your product. Moreover, if you want to make your brand more visible, approach the authentic Instagram service provider like Trollishly. They provide you the service at an affordable price and enhance your brand's reach.

Wrapping It Up

Using Instagram stories is an excellent way to raze the traditional boundaries of your business with customers. Make sure to create your content customer-focused that makes them stay engaged with your business. However, the best way is to know what works for your business. Follow up the above tips to widen your reach, build brand loyalty, and level up your business.

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