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The hype of spa treatments is everywhere. Have you heard of Hammam? It is one of the best treatments of spa. This treatment is known around the world as a giant of relaxation and cleansing. This ritual is not new it is about centuries old. A traditional thermal spa treatment is not the same as a hammam. These both are soothing and best for skin than the thermal water. The use of hot steam in hammam treatment encourages deep cleansing of the skin.

 Most hammam treatments also use soaps rich in vitamin E. They provide nourishment to the skin and has exfoliating properties. In some hammam treatments, you may experience the use of rhassoul clay. It is an anti-bacterial mineral that removes toxins and impurities from the body. Also, reduce sebum and tightens pores. This show that how beneficial is treatments of Spa in Greenwich London. Its effectiveness is the reason for its survival for centuries.

What Is the Art Of Bathing In Hamman Treatment?

The tradition of taking bath is an important aspect of Middle Eastern and North African culture. This activity often takes place at an old bath house. Bathing is a source of gathering and multiple discussions like it is of cleansing and relaxation. Baths are classified into the following categories:

·         Moroccan hammam

·         Turkish bath

Both of them are extremely popular. But the use of steam over water makes Moroccan hammam most favourite. The steam softens skin, relaxes the mind, and opens pores in an extraordinary way to provide a deep cleansing experience.

Hammam History:

The Roman Empire constructed the first public bath nearly 2000 years ago. In addition to traditional baths, the Romans provide temperature-controlled rooms. This is a source of improving circulation and detoxifying the body through sweating. This ensures deep cleansing of the body. This concept of bathing was adopted first by Morocco and then the whole world adopts it. Citizens also approved this way of keeping themselves cleaned and relaxed. Spa In Greenwich London is offering this treatment because of its acceptance around the world. It has now become an essential part of every culture.

1.      Perks Of Hammam Treatment:

Excepts for skin softening, nourishment, exfoliation, and anti-bacterial feature, there are other things which hammam do. 

2.      Give Boost To The Immune System:

The hammam improves the immune system by dilating blood vessels. This dilation improves blood circulation in the body. This opens pores to facilitate the excretion of toxic materials.

3.      Revitalize Body:

There is something truly transformative about the power of hot steam. It restores tired and aching muscles.

4.      Energize Body:

During hammam, the intense scrubbing and massage lead to increased blood flow in the body. It also stimulates and awakens the senses.

5.      Relax Mind And Body:

Relaxation of mind and body occurs due to the steam and relaxing massage. It is difficult to find any other treatment more pampering than this.

How To Come For Hammam Treatment?

Previously the treatment of hammam has separate places for both genders. But now the unisex treatment trend is more common. So, it is better to bring a swimsuit with you to protect your privacy.

Experience Of Hamman Treatment At Spa:

There are a variety of hammam treatments that Spa Greenwich London offers to clients. It is also possible to mix the experience of all hammam treatments. This depends on the wish of clients. The limit of each hammam treatment is form 15-50 minutes. Don’t think more about it. Just consider it as an option of now or never. This is an excellent time to seek hammam treatment. If it’s Christmas then don’t miss the chance to look for Christmas Eve. If you bring your friend with you this treat will get double.

Each treatment of hammam guarantees you a radiant and soft skin. Also, purify your whole body which is just the right look for any event or a New year Eve. So, check the details of all hammam treatments to select the best-suited one for you. Once you have chosen a treatment don’t ever forget to experience it. Because it will bring positive change in the outlook of your body.


Spas are famous for the multiple treatments they are offering for the well being of humans. If we say that humans now are craving for such kinds of treatments there is nothing wrong with it. One of those amazing treatments is a hammam. Meridian Spa is offering diverse hammam treatments to fulfil its purpose of serving humanity. This treatment is a guarantee of soft and nourished skin. This is an anti-bacterial treatment and saves from the infection of multiple bacteria. Therefore, there will be no big mistake other than neglecting this treatment. Because its benefits are so soothing and life-changing.

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