Tips to Learn the Area of an Equilateral Triangle Formula

The most important thing man does to survive is eating. You must have heard the story of two cats where they fight for butter, as the monkey comes in and takes advantage of their illiteracy in mathematics. In that story, the monkey ate all their butter as the cat failed to divide that butter among them equally. So you must have understood from this story how we can use mathematics in real life and why you should learn mathematics. You use mathematics in every aspect of life such as calculating the budget of the month. Subtracting your expenses from the earnings and dividing pizza among your kids. You should not remember the mathematical formulas, instead you should understand them. There are many mathematical formulas that you can understand such as the area of an equilateral triangle

Equilateral Triangle Formula

                       As you are going to learn more about the equilateral triangle before that, let’s first understand the importance of mathematics. Almost everyone likes sports right from kids to older people everyone enjoys playing and watching sports. You must have seen basketball ground, football ground and cricket ground containing rectangles, circle, and square shapes respectively. Sports also use angles. In construction, mathematics is important as it uses angles, length, height, and shapes. These are just a few examples of how mathematics is used in the real world. Mathematics is everywhere you just need a mind to see it. Also when you divide pizza among your kids you use fractions and your children learn from you. 

                  A triangle is a shape that we see in our regular life. We solved many problems based on triangles such as logical, numerical, and many more. There are different types of triangles such as right-angled triangles, 30-60-90 degree triangles, equilateral triangle, and many more. You must have answered lots of questions related to finding the number of triangles, finding the patterns of a triangle, find the oddly shaped triangle, find the area of a triangle, and many more. You must solve mathematics problems by considering their real-life example in front of you. Children face problems while remembering mathematics formulas but rather than remembering it you can teach them to understand them properly. In childhood life, your mind remains active all the time. That’s why what you teach to your children in childhood remains in their minds for a lifetime. Let’s see how you can teach children all the formulas related to the equilateral triangle:

        Toys – A equilateral triangle is a triangle that contains equal sides and equal angles. You must have observed toys that are triangular some of them are specifically designed in an equilateral triangle shape. There is a specific reason behind it you can check whether the sides of triangle are equal are not by measuring the sides of that triangle. 


        Signs – The formula of area of an equilateral triangle is multiplying the square of the side by root three by four. You must have observed the danger sign near the factory or the construction site. That is also a real-life example of an equilateral triangle.


        Chips – Everyone loves triangular-shaped chips and especially children are big fans of chips. So from next time onwards, you can ask your children to identify the type of triangle the chip is having. As you know the equilateral triangle has all three angles of sixty degrees. 

              Now you must have understood how easy mathematics is if you study it by considering real-life examples. You can understand mathematics more practically if you study it from Cuemath. Now you must have understood similarly by imagining shapes in your mind you can also find the solutions to the problems based on the Equilateral triangle. So now don’t make your mathematics learning complicated, connect them with your real-life examples. Make the mathematics subject interesting for your kids. Don’t let your kid think that mathematics is the most boring and complicated subject. Teach them mathematics concept-wise so that they can enjoy mathematics. 

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