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List of essential things that every smart home must have

The concept of smart homes is still relatively nascent in India, but there are consumers that are realizing the perks of setting up smart homes. The home appliance industry has evolved quite remarkably over the past few years, and today, brands offer appliances that come with top-of-the-line features. These electronic appliances are designed using cutting-edge technology, which also means the inclusion of artificial intelligence.

From smart refrigerators to smart air conditioners, and smart TVs to smart washing machines, the unrelenting quest for creating autonomous devices has driven mankind to come up with futuristic models. The internet of things (IoT) has made it possible for smart devices to “communicate” with each other, and for us to control these devices and appliances remotely.

A smart home is made up of several smart devices and appliances, with each device capable of ‘talking to the other appliance. We can include lights, doors, and advanced security systems in the smart home ecosystem. However, there are a few essential appliances that are integral to creating smart homes.

Smart TV

When we talk about smart appliances, we have to start with smart TVs. It took some time for smart TVs to truly be accepted by Indian consumers. However, thanks to Xiaomi’s entry into the smart TV market, we have seen these TVs come into their own. Today, most urban households have a smart TV.

Smart TVs are also quickly replacing conventional LED TV models. This is due to the fact that smart TVs offer greater convenience. Apart from the inherent benefits these TVs offer, they can also be used as the hub through which all the other smart appliances are controlled. 

Smart Refrigerator

Refrigerators today have become indispensable, and smart refrigerators are quickly becoming the preferred choice for affluent consumers. When we talk about creating a smart environment, having a smart refrigerator is essential. These appliances create lists, let you browse for recipes, sense the items stocked inside the fridge, and even let you listen to music while you’re in the kitchen.

Leading brands like Samsung offer smart refrigerators, which are truly futuristic models.

Smart Air Conditioner

Air conditioners have become a necessity in Indian households, and are no longer luxury appliances. Given the unmitigated increase in global temperatures and the incredibly harsh Indian summers, air conditioners provide us with much-needed reprieve during the summers, as well as monsoons. ACS today comes with the dehumidifier mode, which reduces the moisture content inside the room, thereby providing greater comfort. The best ACs in India boast best-in-class features and top-of-the-line technology, and smart ACs are some of the best models currently available.

You can control the air conditioner either through mobile applications or through voice assistants. 

These ACs are much more effective than the best air coolers in India, as they offer optimal cooling along with greater convenience. Some of the best smart ACs are offered by leading brands like Samsung and Panasonic, and these ACs can be connected to the IoT ecosystem.

Amazon Echo

One could argue that a smart home today isn’t complete without Amazon Echo or the Echo Dot. These devices enable individuals to verbally ‘communicate’ with their appliances. All one has to do is connect Echo or Echo Dot to the smart appliances, such as their smart TV, smart air conditioner or their smart washer, and give them commands. This eliminates the necessity of intervening manually.

For instance, by connecting the smart AC to Amazon Echo, one can command Alexa to switch on the air conditioner, reduce or increase the temperature, or use the AC in a specific mode. Similar instructions can be given to other appliances without the need for remote control, or needing to switch on the appliances manually.

Smart Washing Machine

Washing machines have undoubtedly been our greatest servants. They save us valuable time, whilst significantly reducing the burden that would’ve otherwise fallen on our shoulders. Front-load washing machines, in particular, come with exceptional features and cutting-edge technology, while top-load washing machines are easier to operate. That said, smart washing machines are now becoming all the rage.

These washers are powered by artificial intelligence and use Fuzzy Logic control. One can set the time when the washer starts, while fully automatic models can take care of the washing process without us needing to monitor the progress constantly. Top brands like LG and Samsung offer exemplary models, which also come with self-diagnosis features, along with other smart features.

These are just some of the essential appliances that every smart home must contain. You too can turn your household into a smart home by purchasing smart appliances and devices. You can forget about the costs involved by relying on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, which comes with a pre-approved loan of up to Rs. 4 lakh. You can repay the amount in easy EMIs, with flexible tenors ranging from 3 months to 24 months.

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