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Top 7 Tips to Create Marvelous Instagram Live Videos

Instagram Live works like the Instagram story. You can see them at the top of your newsfeed. However, unlike Instagram Stories, Instagram Live can be streamed in real-time. The live stories will appear at the front of your story section so that you can know an individual or business is currently live on Instagram. 


If you’re a marketer or a business owner, Instagram is the best place to reach your audiences. In this article, we will discuss 7 tips that will help you to create incredible Instagram Live content. 

But first, let’s talk about the benefits of using Instagram Live

What Are The Benefits of Using Instagram Live?

Instagram Live has tons of benefits such as:

  • With the help of Instagram Live, your account will stay at the number 1 position on the story feed. This will increase visibility. 
  • When you go live on Instagram, the platform will send push notifications to your audiences. 
  • The live videos on Instagram are more discoverable and engaging. 
  • Instagram Live videos will help you to develop a stronger connection with your audiences. 

Now that you know the advantages of using Instagram Live, it’s time to talk about some ways to create high-quality and attractive Instagram Live videos. 

Be Professional and Authentic

While creating Instagram Live videos, the number one thing you need to keep in mind is that your content needs to be aesthetic and genuine. Rather than reading the whole video script like a robot, show your genuine nature in front of your followers.  

You might be thinking about how to become more genuine and aesthetic to your audiences. Just try to show your real emotions. Communicate with them like a friend will also help you to achieve your goal. 

For instance, while you’re streaming live, it’s good if you talk about the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and express emotions along with that. However, if you overact or make your approach more dramatic, your audiences might lose interest.

Make a Clear Plan

While it may sound tempting and interesting to go live on Instagram and talk with your followers about your business, the scenario might get destroyed as reality is different from your imagination. The approach on Instagram Live is undoubtedly more casual, but that doesn’t mean that you could start your live session without a proper plan or goal. 

Apart from creating objectives, you need a scheduled and well-planned format for your live stream. For instance, will you involve a Q&A session in your live stream? Or will you show some behind-the-scene? You can also use Instagram Live to launch a new product or service, discuss a product overview or give your followers a tour of your office. As the format is endless, you need to determine what you are going to discuss in your live session. 

Promote Your Instagram Live Videos Beforehand

In addition to creating a proper plan, you need to spread the word about your live session amongst your followers. You should treat Instagram Live session just like any other campaign, where you market them to your followers so that they can know the time, place, context, reasons for your event. If promoting your live video isn’t bringing likes on your posts, then buy likes for Instagram.

You can also promote your Instagram Live event on other social media platforms and emails. Additionally, don’t forget to target these promotions to appropriate audiences. 

For instance, if you’re going to arrange a live session where you’ll discuss about6 games, promote the context and time of your event beforehand. Try to give your audiences a sneak peek of your setup which will boost their curiosity. 

Engage With the Viewers

Another extraordinary feature of Instagram Live is that it allows the viewers to like the video and comment in real-time. It’s the best way to connect with viewers, but the process can be overwhelming to the present. You should remember that you cannot reply or engage with every comment in your live session. This is why you should do your absolute best to walk on the right path. 

Still, this is one of the best opportunities to connect and build a relationship with your followers. Whether you’re replying to a question and clearing any doubts of your viewers or replying to any kind of comment, givi9ng your audiences some attention will make them feel valuable and special to your brand. You can also take the help of any co-workers who will reply to the comments on your behalf. 

Conclude with a CTA

Do you know how can you conclude or finish your live session? A simple ‘Bye’ or ‘See you soon’ won’t work effectively. You should always finish your Instagram Live session with a CTA that is relevant to your objectives. Whether you ask your audiences to follow your account or involve them in filling out a form, accomplishing your main objective at the end of your live stream is very important. As per HootSuite, a good CTA will generate more sales.

Additionally, when mentioning your CTA, make sure your actions aren’t pushy. If you force your actions on your audiences, they will feel demotivated to participate in the CTA. Hence, make sure your actions are as realistic as possible. 

Have Fun during the Live Session

It’s a fact that you cannot effectively market your business through Instagram Live as the live session approach on the platform is not made for serious purposes. Instead, Instagram Live is a feature where people join to interact funnily with the presenter. If you don’t do any kind of funny activity, you won’t be able to attract new viewers. Allow your personality to shine, indulge yourself in fun activities, and most importantly, don’t be afraid about making mistakes. If you do make a mistake, accept that and make fun of yourself. 

Remember to Save Your Live Video

Last but not least, always save your Instagram Live videos at the end of your session. Although many live streamers avoid doing this just because they think it won’t serve any purpose. However, it’s the best way to improve your future or upcoming live sessions.

When you watch your live session, you’ll be able to understand your mistakes and this will help you to rectify them in your next session.


These are the 7 tips for making marvelous Instagram Live videos. Remember that Instagram Live is one of the most effective features to strengthen your marketing efforts. Unlike stories, Instagram Live sessions receive more engagement because people love to see the real image of a creator. So, it’s the perfect time to dive into the vast pool of live sessions. Remember that every people make mistakes and you’re no different from them. 

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