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How Fitness Classes Is Better for Mental Health Than Medication?

In this era, we have experienced the growth of a mental illness so much. The only cost-effective way to reduce mental illness is lifestyle modification. People who are suffering from mental illness are at a high risk of chronic diseases due to side effects of medication. These diseases include diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Fitness Classes

The most important part of lifestyle modification is exercise. Fitness studios offer fitness classes to those who need modification in life. These classes are available in all cities like Fitness Classes Toowoomba. Still, patients haven’t understood the importance of exercise. Evidence showed that it is one of the most neglected treatments of mental illness.

How Exercise Improve Mental Health?

Aerobic Exercises:

Aerobic exercises which include cycling have proved to be effective in reducing anxiety and stress. Smooth blood flow towards the brain caused by these exercises improves our mood. It also influences the HPA axis of the brain and physiologic reactivity to stress. This physiologic effect is due to the communication of the HPA axis with different regions of the brain.

These regions include a limbic system which controls motivation and mood and amygdala which is responsible to generate fear in response to stress. The last one is the hippocampus which stores our memories and also plays a major role in improving mood.

Group Exercise Program:

Group classes are very effective for individuals who are dealing with anxiety and stress. A positive attitude of people towards each other increase motivation and psychologically enhance the positive mood of individuals. Moderate-intensity exercise is better for patients who are suffering from mental illness to feel relaxed.

The interesting fact is people who are suffering from severe mental illness attract to exercise in the same way as the general population. Everyone wants to enjoy that period in which he feels no stress.

Weight Loss Exercises:

This exercise helps in increasing the self-esteem of people who are suffering from obesity due to medication. These exercises help in reducing weight which helps in maintaining an ideal physique. The achievement of losing weight and to look attractive promotes happiness in individuals.

The feeling that now they can wear clothes of their choice again and to climb a hill without any difficulty is incomparable with any happiness for them. This gives them pleasure due to which they forget their stress. It is not all; it is just some of the benefits which exercise can give to your mind and body.

Intense Exercises:

These exercises are very helpful in increasing sleep. Proper sleep has also a good impact on our mental health. Poor sleep causes continuous headaches and tiredness. Exercise in our body temperature which makes our mind relax due to which we sleep fast. So, if you are thinking about availing these benefits your great idea should be of joining fitness classes. Fitness Classes Toowoomba is one of the multiple options for fitness classes.

Exercise also helps in regulating our circadian rhythm. This rhythm is like an alarm clock when our body will feel tired and when our body will feel active. One thing which needs to be clear is that it is true that proper sleep is a benefit of exercise. But doctors suggest not to exercise before bedtime.

Cardiovascular Exercises:

These exercises are very important in boosting brainpower in many ways. According to research exercise increase brain power because it stimulates the growth of cells. Growth of cells improves overall brain performance.

People who have weak brain are more likely to suffer from memory loss problems. Exercise gives strength to the hippocampus which increases our capacity to store memories. It also saves from cognitive decline like nervous breakdown due to any severe stress.

The brain is the central part of a human body which controls all functions of the body. Our healthy life depends on the proper functioning of our brain.


To improve mental health fitness classes needs to be a part of our daily routine. Everyone deserves to be mentally sound so, Freedomlifestyle. Fitness is offering fitness classes at affordable rates. The purpose of this article is to promote the habit of exercise in people who are suffering from mental illness. But not considering exercise as a better treatment than medication.


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