4 Ways to Amp Up Your Income By Writing Online

 According to the BLS, 68% of writers in the US work for themselves. So, if you have writing skills that you'd love to put to good use, you've already got most of the tools you need to earn money online.

Are you itching to earn some extra cash doing what you enjoy and even ditch the nine-to-five one day? Keep reading to find out how you can make money writing in 2022.

1. Approach a Magazine

Like newspapers, magazines need content for their survival. They've also gone online to ensure that they continue to exist in the age of the internet. 

Getting your work published in traditional paper publications takes years of climbing the ladder. It's much easier to approach the online version of a magazine with your concept, or complete story, and get paid when they publish it.

Check out the websites of some magazines that you read and pitch your irresistible idea to the editor. It could mean the start of a long and lucrative relationship. 

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means you promote businesses' goods and services on your blog, and they give you a percentage of the profits from any sales resulting from your work. 

Before you get started in this line of work, you need to pick a niche market, set up a website, and populate it with some content.

Choose something you're interested in like home improvement, or camping. In some cases, you can even combine niches, like this female travel blogger

Only then can you approach companies about marketing products on their behalf or sign up with an affiliate program. 

3. Start a Blog

Starting a blog is a good way to get your name out in the online realm. You can make money from your blog by selling people access to e-books and online courses that deliver some benefit to them. 

As you make a name for yourself blogging, you might even find clients approaching you to write for them. 

4. Make Money Writing for Others

Businesses need websites if they want to stay credible in modern times, and websites revolve around copy. 

The problem is, not all business owners have the writing skills to keep their sites updated or in line with the latest SEO standards. Companies, called copy mills, provide the solution. 

When you work for one of these organizations, you'll get to create copy for a broad range of clients across the globe and can even earn a living providing this service. 

Not only does signing up with one of these copy mills give you almost unlimited earning potential, but you'll also gain a wealth of experience while working for them too. 

More Great Ideas

Of course, the classic way to make money writing is to author a best-selling novel. People love stories and if you can appeal to the major of them, you could make a fortune in this line of work.

Never forget, only very skilled, or very lucky writers ever get to make a huge income from writing. So, until you've got a steady stream of work coming in, it's best to keep your day job and use your writing for extra income.

Are you keen to find out more about the world of modern-day business? Browse our articles or bookmark our site and check back regularly for updates. 

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