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Learning Through Play - Kids Fun Activities For Early Learning

Learning Through Play - Kids Fun Activities For Early Learning

One of the best ways for young children to learn is through playing. Kids just love to have fun, so unless they’re enjoying themselves, there’s not much chance they’re going to focus on learning. Toddlers and preschool-aged children are not particularly interested in a classroom kind of environment as they can’t relate to it. It’s just not something that’s naturally on their radar.

Kids Fun

If you want your child to learn stuff at an early age, then they’ve got to be having fun while doing it. This post is going to focus on some fun activities for kids for early learning, things that young children can relate to. 

Playing In Nature

Just about all young children like getting out and playing in nature and getting their hands (and all their clothes) dirty. Kids can learn a lot when they play in nature, especially if a parent or older sibling is with them who can explain variously things to them.

To begin with, kids can learn more about plants, trees, flowers and botany in general. They can also discover more about biology by playing with frogs, finding cool lizards, observing insects and other things young kids find intriguing.

Cosplay Can Teach Kids a Lot

The good thing about kids having a range of costumes or uniforms to dress up in, is they can then assume the role of the outfit and learn what that role is all about. An example is dressing up as a doctor and, armed with some toy props, kids get to understand what the basic role of a doctor is.

You can apply this to all sorts of professions, whether it be police, a nurse, a businessperson, chef, construction worker and loads of others. Children start to learn a little about various careers, what those people do in those careers and they have a lot of fun role-playing as well.

Board Games

While playing games on smartphones and computers can have their benefits, that’s more of a solo activity and sometimes too much exposure to technology can actually retard the ability to learn things.

A better idea is to buy some board games that suit the ages of the children, games that are educational as well as fun. This way they get to learn and the whole family can get involved. Because board games are more tactile and not technology-based, it’s far easier to concentrate and therefore learn.

There are all sorts of educational board games and puzzle games on the market today that are targeted at young children and they’re all fun to play.

How About a Scavenger Hunt?

You can practically utilise anything on a scavenger hunt. It simply takes a bit of research and organisation at the start to get things set up, then send the kids off on their scavenger hunt journey to locate all of the items on the list you give them.

A scavenger hunt can promote things like teamwork, communication, problem-solving, observational skills, social skills and more. Kids always have a lot of fun on a scavenger hunts, so this is definitely a fun activity you’ll want to consider doing from time to time.

Grow a Veggie Patch

Get your kids involved in growing a simple veggie patch in the backyard. They’ll learn a little about gardening and farming will get a thrill when they see their vegetables coming to life and, most importantly, once they harvest their own vegetables, they’ll be far more likely to eat those than the ones you bought from the supermarket.

There are a lot of benefits to come from kids growing their own vegetables and you don’t need loads of space for a small veggie garden.

Having Fun At An Early Learning Centre

If you enrol your child in a licensed child care centre, such as an early education centre, they’ll spend each and every day participating in fun and organised activities that are designed to be educational.

Early learning centres also, help prepare young kids for the school years to come and are a safe haven to leave children while parents are at work.

In Conclusion

There are literally hundreds or even thousands of fun and educational activities that young children can do. You’re really only limited by your imagination.

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