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How to Level Up Your Sales Teams’ Skills to Boost Customer Satisfaction

How to Level Up Your Sales Teams’ Skills to Boost Customer Satisfaction

 According to online research by HubSpot, 93% of customers will make a repeat purchase if your company offers excellent customer service. What’s more, statistics by Bain and Company say that buyers are four times more likely to move to a competitor if they’re not satisfied.  

Boost Customer Satisfaction

How your sales reps interact with customers is usually the key to satisfied customers. With customer service playing such an important role in making sales, your sales team can’t afford to be slack when it comes to offering customers a great experience. Below are some tips to boost your team’s sales skills to strengthen your levels of customer satisfaction.

Keep employees engaged

Research by Hays Group found that motivated and engaged employees are 43% more productive. When your sales team lacks motivation, they aren’t likely to be enthusiastic and friendly. Your reps may grudgingly respond to customers or show signs of disinterest, which affects customer service.

One way to keep sales teams motivated and on top of their customer service game is to maximize engagement.

Consider various strategies of keeping your sales team engaged, like:

·         Setting aside some time for your team to practice what they learn from in-person workshops and sales courses online. When you give your sales team time to bounce ideas off each other, your reps can sharpen each other’s skills. With more practice, your team can sail through more customer interactions.

·         Setting clear goals and targets to ensure managers and employees flow in the same direction. When all stakeholders are tuned in to each other, sales reps are less likely to be frustrated, which can improve the customer experience.

·         Involving the team in goal setting. When you allow the team to chime in when formulating strategy, there’s a higher chance that your employees will own the goals and make more effort to improve customer service.

Track feedback from your customers

The best way to satisfy your customers is to check that you’re delivering what they want and need. Take the time to conduct customer surveys to hear from your buyers what they need and where your business is missing the mark. Remember to frame your questions in a way that allows your customers to reveal critical issues that will give you a clear picture of where you can improve.

Online customer survey questions are more likely to bear fruits when your questions are short and straightforward. Plus, it helps to include both fixed and open-ended questions to allow your customers to fully express themselves.

If your questions are lengthy and complicated, you’re likely to lose your customers’ focus quickly. Consider asking simple questions like:

·         How would you rate your call with sales rep X?

·         How likely are you to recommend our team?

When you gather all the information, you can evaluate your sales team’s strengths and weaknesses, map out a strategy, and choose the right upskilling courses for reps.

Customer service enablement

When your reps have the tools and support they need, they’re more likely to shine.

So, how do you create an enabling environment?

It helps to focus on providing your sales reps as well as your customer service team the processes, tools, and training to master and perfect their skills. Plus, investing in tools that smoothen workflow and save time helps the team to better manage tasks, leaving more time for nurturing skills.

You can increase enablement in your sales team by:

·         Investing in customer service courses to mold skills and keep your team up to speed with all the latest trends in customer service.

·         Providing software tools that take care of administrative work so your sales reps can keep their focus on sales and leap into action with customers.

·         Conduct practice sessions and simulations with reps either online or over the phone. By giving your reps exposure to different possible scenarios, you prepare them for various situations. Once your team is adequately prepared, they’re more likely to gain confidence and ace customer interactions.

Overall, by focusing on employee engagement and enablement while taking your cues from customer feedback, you can harness your sales team’s skills to level up your customer service.

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