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Carousel Posts: Using It the Right Way for Instagram Posts

Carousel posts are among the most versatile tools that help businesses accomplish their objectives through Instagram. However, you need to go for the right strategy to ensure that you can achieve your business goals. If you are wondering what carousel posts are, they are not necessarily advertisements but if you are eager to create advertisements, you need to have a business account in Instagram that is connected to the Facebook page to create carousel posts from Facebook page.

Carousel Posts

If you are planning to use the Carousel feature in Instagram, here is how to reap the profits when it comes to business promotion.

·         Launching a product

When it is about teasing the audience about a new product you want to launch, using the Carousel to incorporate the specifications, pictures, or the first appearance of the product is a grand idea. Instagram is a platform known for businesses to engage followers so here is a great opportunity to begin.

The Instagram carousels also help you share the variations in product, such as different colors and styles or the other significant details you want to post. Therefore, Carousel posts not only allow the audience to view the product details in-depth, but add more contexts about how products can be used or worn, which is encouraging for the followers vowing your posts. You need not have a physical product to leverage on the value of carousel. Sharing videos, reviews, or content that is relevant to your niche or industry is significant.

·         Using full-length videos

Sharing a full-length video or photo for Instagram is vital and adding to it the magic of carousel for a better outcome is the best way to go. Believe it or not, not even a quick clip or carousel has so much power.

·         Effect of before and after

Have you ever used a before and after post is another fascinating way to depict the transformation. If you are eager about before and after approach, make the most of the carousel post to deliver the effect. With the before and after approach, you can show the genuine impact of your product or service. It creates a promise at first and then brings out curiosity among the audience. You can boost the engagement opportunity with the query as to which version of the product your audiences prefer.

·         Recap the events

If you are in a business that needs to do with event hosting, you can increase the number of attendee and thank them later using carousels to recap those events.

·         Zooming in

You can use several images and to delve deeper into interesting and attractive photos. For instance, if your Instagram account is related to travel, using a landscape photo of different destinations allows you to highlight those places in the photograph. Apart from this, a complex product may benefit from a carousel post to zoom in the specific details.

·         Promotion of events

If you are planning a special event or conference, you can share the posts while the event is still on. Using a carousel post to highlight the speakers during the conference is a good deal. Furthermore, you can also focus on the people winning wards during the event through carousel post. Once the event is over, you can leverage on Instagram Stories to share your favorite moments.

·         Sharing stories of our brands

The carousel posts of Instagram are an excellent way of sharing personal stories about your brand. If you are keen to know the trick behind it, just make the first carousel photograph resonate with the aesthetics of Instagram and there you go adding any photograph you prefer. When empowering the way of sharing personal stories of our brand matters the most, a carousel post works fine. You can also buy likes for Instagram and promote the number of followers.

·         Displaying the customer reviews

The success of a brand comes under the influence of customer reviews. However, if you are getting good reviews, you need to focus on carousel posts of Instagram to share it with the audience. When it comes to sharing positive reviews with the followers, it is easy to enhance your brand’s visibility, and generate interest in the audience. Several e-commerce establishments use carousel to promote customer reviews through podcasts not only to generate new leads but to nurture the current customer relationships.

·         Boost the personality of your brand

Instagram is one of the most preferred platforms to build your brand and the culture of your company. Therefore, if you can showcase the people behind the screen and highlight the people who set up the business, the carousel posts work wonders.

·         Using high-quality images

Just because you can include several images does not mean that you can lower the images used in Instagram. Therefore, when choosing photos for posts that come with several images, you need to keep the standard similar as the single-image posts. Be sure to choose only best-quality photos and do not forget to make the fist image highly attractive. Even though all of your photos and videos need to be good and exciting, the first image creates a strong impression in the minds of followers.

·         Staying focused

You can post different images in a single post but it is not something you need to do mandatorily. Every single post you share must be consistent and align with the social media marketing plan. For instance, if you are planning to exhibit the products of your company, using a carousel post to highlight one of your business events may not make sense.

·         Reminding the followers

Although Instagram provides hints for signaling posts with several images, our followers may fail to notice. Therefore, you need to notify in the caption to remind the followers about vowing multiple images.

·         Focusing on user-generated content

Apart from customer reviews, the user-generated content is one of the most authentic posts to share through your Instagram account. Therefore, you need to have an effective UGC strategy to enhance product sales.

At present, the Instagram users stay restricted to ten videos and photos in carousel posts but if you know how to schedule those posts and keep the images and content smooth and light, you are sure to drive more traffic to your site.

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