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Taking Your Organisation to The Next Level with Better SEO

Marketers have the responsibility to reach out to people and convince them, or make them notice about their products by catching their attention. The SEO or Search Engine Optimisation tactics have helped the marketers a lot, and this is evident as almost all marketers today apply the methodologies of SEO in order to get highlighted in the market with fierce competition. The major benefits of deploying SEO are; it is cost-effective, it doesn’t put the company into financial stress for managing marketing, it saves a lot of time, it is very easy to learn and can be learned by some basic education and pre-requisites. The underlying benefits of learning SEO also include higher chances of employment as SEO-trained individuals is now in high demand.


Role of Marketers

As you remember the role of marketing is to deliver a set of beliefs that will satisfy consumers’ requirements. But who are the consumers and what are their needs? To understand consumers, marketers have to develop insights into their personal preferences. We all had things that we like and dislike, things that we value, and things that we don't pay attention to. All those factors are referred to as psychographic factors. And they include personal preferences, values, attitudes and beliefs, interests, and lifestyle choices. For example, one consumer may value luxury retreats in an exotic destination, while another one will prefer to spend their holiday in a cottage in a rural destination. To satisfy these two consumers, a travel agency will have to provide two different products. Similarly, while the convenience of shopping online will be appealing to some consumers.

Others will see shopping as a leisure activity. Successful marketers need to understand consumers and the influences they are subject to and monitor changes occurring. Those changes are particularly visible in consumer's behavior. Which is yet another aspect which marketers have to consider while developing insights into their target consumers. For digital marketers, it is particularly important to understand consumer’s behavior online. The way how consumers access and use digital. Successful marketers understand the consumers and are able to provide them with a value proposition that will satisfy their requirements better than competitors. Consumers may have a need for information that digital marketers can supply online. Successful marketers have a good understanding of who their target consumers are, and what are their needs, and how to satisfy them. Not all consumers are the same. They differ according to the unique characteristics and influences they are subject to. Men and women will have different needs, for example, children and millennials will have different product preferences.

Cultural and Financial Impact

Marketers will be able to provide younger consumers with marketing information on social media and engage in influencer marketing to target millennials, they will have to prioritize radio and printed advertising to communicate the product value to older generations. Age and gender are just two examples of what we refer to as demographic characteristics of consumers. In addition to this, however, there are also socioeconomic factors that marketers have to consider. For example, we know that consumers’ culture has an impact on consumers and their product choices. Just think about consumers’ food choices.  Culture has an impact on consumers online too. This is because culture is directly related to consumers' trust and risk perceptions. Some consumers will think that it is too risky to pay for a product online and they will need additional reassurance to complete transactions for others, that won't be an important factor. Similar to culture, consumer financial circumstances will indicate which product consumers can afford to purchase. Marketers will need to provide some consumers with additional information about the product to reassure them about the product's value for money, for others, product visual appeal will be more important than price. Consumer geographical location is yet another factor that marketers have to consider.

Social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, won't be able to satisfy their needs to stay connected with family and friends, or consumers based in China, for example, due to website restrictions. Digital Marketing Training has been a boon in understanding the roles of SEO in reaching out to people. The Digital Marketing Course is being imparted to millions of young trainees in order to prepare them for SEO work.

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