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With every new day, there come across new innovations in every domain. Such is the trend in packaging industry, where product developers keep on experimenting with latest designs to create more and more inspiring packaging styles.

From smart cardboard boxes to aluminum packing, sturdy plastic containers to fabric packages, you can see a variety of packaging designs in the market. One such popular trend is the use of pillow box packaging for different products. Pillow packaging is widely used in several industries for it has multiple advantages.

Let’s explore this article about how pillow packaging boxes are used for packing different types of things. Have a look:

What is Pillow Bag Packing?

Pillow bag packing is a common type of packaging design, which is used in almost every industry today. It is called so because it has a shape like pillow, especially when it is filled with a product; it looks exactly like a pillow.

It is manufactured from a flat flexible film in VFFS machinery and is sealed from top, bottom and back. The film is then steered on a forming tube which creates a pillow shaped packing bag. Some of the pillow boxes are quite simple, while others may have zipper enclosure, holes or hooks for user convenience.

Benefits of Pillow Packaging:

Well, there are many reasons for the popularity of custom pillow boxes among both, the product developers and customers. Yet, here are some of the very common benefits of these small and large pillow boxes. Have a look:

  •       The pillow bag packaging is quite cost-effective.
  •          Pillow bags keep your products safe and fresh for a long time.
  •          Pillow boxes are environmental-friendly because they can be reused.
  •          Manufacturing of pillow bags does not require any complicated process.
  •          These bags are quite convenient and user-friendly.
  •          Pillow bags have greater volume for holding products & greater space for designing.
  •         These bags can be designed by using little raw material, unlike other fancy bags.
  •          Pillow bags are easy to manage and can be transported easily from one place to another. 

Uses of Custom Pillow Bags:

Owing to the plenty of benefits these smart pillow bags and pillow boxes offer, every product industry is shifting towards availing these advantages by using these bags for packing different things. Here are some of the things where pillow box packing is being used greatly:

·         Food:

Pillow bags are widely used for food packaging because they are not only convenient to pack a number of food products, but also keep your food, like fruits and vegetables, fresh over a long period of time. In addition, cereals, pulses etc. are also now packed within these pillow bags, because they are capacious enough to hold a large amount of product in comparison to other packaging boxes.

·         Pharmaceuticals:

Secondly, the pharmaceutical industry is also making use of this smart packaging now. These bags are used not only as a packaging for several medicines but also for storing these drugs directly, because pillow bags protect the products from any kind of damage or expiry.

·         Liquids:

Pillow bag packaging is also suitable for packing liquid products, i.e., because they are sturdy enough to store liquids easily. The air-tight designing of these pillow bags does not let the liquid flow out and therefore, are suitable for the packaging of different liquid products.

·         Nutritional Products:

The nutritional products, like proteins and supplements are also packed efficiently by using this pillow box packing. The nutritional products are now widely used among masses, and hence, these are required to be packed within a packaging which is not only easy-to-use for the customers, but also affordable and cost-effective for the developers, because of its wide usage.

·         Others packing option:

Pillow packages are also being used in various other industries. Like a lot of snacks, chips etc. are packed within pillow bag packing. In addition, this stylish pillow bag packaging is also used in cosmetic industry, toy packaging etc.

The pillow bags are now one of the most popular packaging solutions among the product developers. If you are just stepping in this business, pillow box is the most recommended packaging design. It will not only save you a good amount but will also prove to be a perfect packing for any type of product. So, try this trendy pillow packing for enjoying its perks.

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