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Perverted Education (Ten) Perverts Who Changed the World for the Well

Perverted Education

The history of our world is full of heretical upbringing with great people - heroes who have become History gradually and today takes a place as something greater than just man.

With a lot of effort or good quality, they have become icons that we all hope to personalize.

However, it is sometimes important to remember that these people are also men only. Which guys are not perfect and each has its own flaws and characteristics? Below are the bizarre and anomalous curiosities of the 10 main people in the background.

10. Albert Einstein:

Albert Einstein is literally one of the most common names for modern clinical assistants.

If you don't want to respect anyone, name him Hitler and if you want to recommend someone

is a magician, even when you think of Einstein's name sarcastically.

The well-known concept of relativity and unlimited possibilities - despite some popular estimates

apocryphal or out of context - made him an icon of knowledge around the world.

While some may respect him for his intelligence, he is still a man, and he is.


For Einstein, his weaknesses were his sexual inclinations and his inability to be faithful

or enjoy unique relationships with other people.

In 1903, Einstein married a woman named Mileva, and he had children with her, but after a few

Over the years, in a marital relationship, he had decided that he was really tired of being faithful and that he would likely find her.

a woman to have a common event.

The strangest thing is his choice - his relative Elsa Einstein, who is divorced

and currently has 2 children from a previous marriage relationship.

As if that wasn't odd enough, she continued her show even after her lover found her.

and even thought about how concerned her partner was - described her as a 'colleague'

he couldn't ignore it.

While most people think he actually has a relatively pure personality, he's not very good at it.

A loyal man or fan, and his attraction to loved ones is quite unusual.

9. George H.W.  shrub:

George H.W.  shrub

George HW shrub, Former Head of State for Publicity - Don't Get Confused

His son and former head of state George W. Bush or another son failed to rule

And former Governor Jeb Shrub - is really starting to show his old age.

It didn't seem like long ago that he still has legs in his profession as a speaker but over time,

And mobility is currently limited to AIDS.

As her health and well-being deteriorated, so did her appearance in public, but she used it as an excuse.

Sometimes they try to understand the situation on different occasions and on their own

Unique way

Unfortunately, the production method H.W. It was easy for him and he met women.

Apparently, one case looks like a woman's butt while taking a picture.

There is even a joke called "David Cope-e-Fail".

In the Me-Too movement, some women are now complaining about the previous movement

The duties of the Speaker are valid for 16 years only.

In fact, the former president's response was to apologize through his spokesman

It is said that this meant a harmless joke to everything.

8. James Joyce:

James Joyce:

James Joyce is a literary giant known to rules, but also to these writers.

It is so popular that you can read some of its points only thanks

In order to be mandatory in the organization, you have to remember that it has created more.

As one of the best writers of today, most people are intelligent.

Some people may wonder how unclean James Joyce was.

A collection of romantic letters is kept between her and her best future partner


This part is out of his mind, maybe out of respect for himself

No celebrities

After all, just the funny side of the letters showed how funny they are.

In the end, James became quite obsessed with Joyce Farting.

In many conversations, he has talked about how much he loves her when she jumps and how he works with her.

Alas, he lay on his face, so that he could fully understand the smell.

In more than one letter, he shared how he deals with farts during sex.

And how interesting it was.

While this is a safe fetish and not as weird as some people think, we still don't

You can expect a healthy person to write classic literature.

7.Alfred Kinsey:

Alfred Kinsey

Alfred Kinsey researches sexual activity in men and women

In the middle of the twentieth century, this book was updated and provides us with a scholarly basis on the subject.

Which still works

That's why some people at the time thought it was the right thing to do

Immoral because they really believe that research normalizes certain sexual habits that they find disturbing.

Since he has spent a lot of time researching and discussing such a controversial topic,

At least he was criticized by both teams for almost everything

Having sex that no one likes

Just to name a few points: Roe v. Wade is involved in sex education and the promotion of learning and quality

Increased use of homosexuality, pornography and consent, and more liberal laws against sex offenders.

Depending on what you ask, they are not all down.

Someone was misguided, but that's no different.

View or cancel the result.

In fact, it is not surprising that a man who has devoted his life to sex research is already there.

An interesting trend in itself.

Alfred Kinsey allegedly hosted private shows with bizarre sex scenes from men and movies

It has its own home and a hobby urinal fan to name a few.

He is also accused of encouraging his employees to talk to their friends to find out if they really have anything.

The marriage is open, although it is not clear if she hopes to be herself

He just wanted to make them freer from their sex.

6. Mahatma Gandhi:

Gandhi as a whole is among the figures taken for consecration. Sorry,

She does not always deserve this honor.

Although following his peaceful words is a good point, and he has done a lot on some of them.

If he had such information, then his activity and his various demons boycotted him.

Now that we have the task of bringing about change in India, we are divided.

Apart from non-violence and misery, the things that Gandhi preached included sexual purity.

They also say that withdrawing your sexual fluids makes you stronger and more important.


However, he also argued that these claims of purity are routinely dismissed.

This test, which some researchers believe is just a secret way forward

Find a way to make yourself happy by feeling spiritual.

You know, Gandhi wanted to rest in naked girls and sometimes even create nudity.

Or especially nudity itself.

He never slept with them, but some of his work got out of hand.

Log out as specified and keep lots of contacts

Relax together.

In contrast, it is difficult to understand that there has been no sexual intercourse.

Sincerely try to stay clean.

Many people think that they used their spiritual status to achieve a goal

Even if he seems holy - what is he doing?

To go


It's hard to know.

5. Amadeus Mozart:

Amadeus Mozart

Amadeus Mozart is one of the two most popular creators with a European background.

And has influenced countless musicians over the centuries.

Their songs have been a beautiful and polished auditorium from generation to generation.

And people like to sing to show how good they are or how good they are.

So far.

For those who have seen Amadeus movies and read the rest of their journey

The article so far allows you to see where it is going.

A Historical Story - In the movie Amadeus, we saw a Mozart who could be sad,

A little wild and very rude at times.

While most of the film is apocryphal or at least seriously misrepresented.

Mozart is probably more accurate than you think.

You know, Germany always feels a little weird in the dirt compared to other countries

Nation and that was in Mozart's time.

The fight took place where he comforted his mother when he grew up and where he wanted to be.

Good evening when he writes his lovely poem about meeting in bed.

He also wrote mischievous letters to his relatives, including adulteration and composition.

Music on it too.

These include songs that were originally converted to "Chaat Mere Butt".

However, it is important to remember that there is not much evidence for this.

All the ignorance here.

Although he had some kind of amulet, he liked it

- Anyway, he's a very distorted clown.

4. Benjamin Franklin:

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is known for designing many points that he is rewarded for.

To no avail.

He is a founding, high-ranking Freemason who can be organized, an important architect

Who helped bring France to America in the war of revolution?

A creator, a skilled writer, the most cunning and cunning of socio-political men

Never traveled to the planet and actually got spoiled with some weird ideas.

When he woke up recently, he took off his clothes and took a break

The window of the house was open for a minute or two, and there was still a thick frame in front of it.


He considers it very important for his health and well-being, although he has been wondering for the past few days if this would happen.

A form of exposure - he describes the treatment as an "air bath".

Worst of all, he felt like he was with her.

She once created a man who explained all the factors to make her look like an old woman.

Girlfriend. "

He explained, just to point out, that he was not the father of this child, I am more grateful,

Be very careful when you come down from the neck, you will not see much difference.

No one can take this as a good example today - anyone who hasn't seen it

At least hopefully someone will respect them.

3 Sigmund Freud:

Sigmund Freud was the one who expected a lot of people to come here because he was not only:

Known as the father of psychological analysis, but more recently known as 'The'

Men with all the crazy ideas about sex.

Freud's ideas did not make fun of him

All these years, but he was not really respected his wild form.

Although his work in psychoanalysis is thematic, most of his research is straightforward.

Improper today and it is going through a time when it is very young


On one occasion, he dropped his hat in view of the so-called deception.

Many of her patient's problems were related to the horrific sexual experiences of the day.

There are very young children.

In the years that followed, he realized that what his people were recommending was probably wrong.

With his help, these memories came out.

We recall a time when none of the young people were properly trained

The way they can be deleted and remembered later - the memory is not working


But with all the crazy ideas he has about children and sex, it's not his

It's just a strange obsession.

One idea is that you need to understand every sexual desire

A psychologist and a person and she will definitely encourage you to talk about things like masturbation.

Dreams or dreams - most of them are women, and at some point they did

A session with his young lesbian daughter, he wants to "heal".

2. Leo Tolstoy:

Leo Tolstoy is known for writing War and Relief and many other publications

Most people with similar glasses have never heard of it.

Even so, his name is well-known in Russian literature and most people think only of him.

As an intelligent and timeless writer.

However, the fact is that while Tolstoy was probably an extraordinary witch journalist

In his abilities, he is also an arrogant, selfish, pious man who is definitely sexually and psychologically disturbed.

He tortured himself for his life.

As a boy, he had a history of prostitution but eventually climbed on it and moved on.


Although he has thirteen children, he is not a happy person.

He became very spiritual and started his own strange Christian brand and teachings.

When you're not exercising, waste the product of life.

A story that really shows its own world and shows the best arguments

There is a short story called Crematzer's Sonata.

In this short story, a man marries a beautiful young woman and has several children.

Together; This is the perfect marriage relationship in every way.

Unfortunately, the man is angry at her marriage and imagines her to be his partner

The only one who can play the piano. It is commonly called Kritzer

Sonata - Loves his partner and him loves her.

The man went mad and killed them both and then talked for a long time about the parents.

Strangers about how bad sex is and how women fill men's hearts with lust.

You may be familiar with this because even today some very spiritual people listen.

That women are at least partially responsible for men's views and should hide their views

Do not exceed the limit on the body.

Of course, some people have suggested that the people who preached it were mostly men and they may have concerns.


1. Lyndon b. Johnson:

London's Bens Johnson, best known for his 'Battle Against Poverty

This should be the real target of conspiracy theorists who think it can happen

JFK knew or was fine after his death. But the deputy head of state of course. Will be

They are given more power than others and more power than others to hide their trials.

While most people research these two issues or maybe the decisions

In Vietnam these days, almost no dialogue is involved, such as corruption

The ruthless head of state is, in fact, Johnson.

Although the Head of State Outdoors has made some ridiculous comments about Access Hollywood,

Johnson's actions ...

Johnson is certainly a terrible scam, especially given the current situation

Speaking out against sexual harassment.

He is a man who will urinate freely in the parking lot and wipe his belongings with the staff

I in the bathroom and asked "Have you ever seen something so wonderful" and made your own?

The girl is standing at the bathroom door and notices that it is empty

Just to name a few points.

He wanted to call his rivals "jumbo" and fell in love with them without proper labels.

Reasons to insist on exploiting it or removing it as an alpha male to show off to buy it.

He also has a lot of animosity towards factors that could be something else at the moment.

Describe it as an attack and practically kill the operation.

While he may be a Democrat to some people today, chances are he will never acknowledge it.

I don't remember how sexual harassment, pornography happened.

I definitely don't appreciate it that much. Heritage Education 10 Evil People Who Made This World Better.

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