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Reasons Why Piramal Realty is Better than 99 Acres

Buying a property isn’t an easy job. It requires an immense amount of research. However, nowadays with the advancement in technology, the real estate industry has also gone through a massive revolution. You can now easily find the property you’re looking for instantly, be it any of the 3 BHK flats for sale in South Mumbai or a studio in Byculla.

Piramal Realty

With online property finding platforms, users can now find any residential unit they’re looking for without even leaving the comforts of their home.

Speaking of property portals, buyers and investors now have numerous options at their disposal. Some developers too have property listings on their portals. Among them 99 Acres (a property portal) and Piramal Realty (real estate company) are popular names in the market.

Today, we’re going to compare these two and we’ll tell you which one is better and why.

So, read on to find out more about them!

Piramal Realty

Piramal Realty is the real estate developmental arm of the Primal Group. It is a Mumbai-based property portal that contains all the information regarding the ongoing and upcoming Piramal projects. Piramal Group is a patent name within the Indian Market; therefore, Piramal Realty is considered a reliable company..


99Acres is a property portal established by the Info Edge in 2005. It is a property portal that operates in different parts of the country and has a massive database of property that is available for sale and rent.

Piramal Realty Vs 99Acres Which is Better for Mumbai’s Real Estate Market 

Now you know about both these platforms, let’s compare both of these to see which is more suited for the real estate market of Mumbai.

1.      Easy Interface

The interface of Piramal realty is more user friendly than that of 99Acres. Users can effortlessly find their required information on the relevant Piramal project they are looking for. This is the advantage that only Piramal Realty provides whereas to search on 99Acres you have to provide a lot of information which makes the whole process quite complicated.

So, as per the ease of users, Piramal Realty is more suitable.  

2.      Filters Available

Filters allow the user to have a more personalised search experience as per their needs and interest. Piramal Realty makes use of cookies to collect data from their users which helps in providing them with more personalised search results. Moreover, by using cookies the website doesn’t require you to enter information every time you visit it, it has already developed a database based on your search trends. 99Acres also make use of cookies but you’re still required to provide information every time you want to search for a property.   

3.      Listings for Piramal Projects Only

If you’re looking for information on Piramal Projects only, no platform can suit you better than Piramal Realty. Well! Realty is a platform dedicated for Piramal projects therefore it has exclusive insights and news about them. On the other hand, 99Acres is a property portal where you’ll find listings for every available property within your area. This can make it tough for a buyer seeking information about Piramal projects only.

Top of the line properties in South Mumbai have less takers in a desolate economy. While property appreciation in Sobo, as the region is affectionately called, has dropped to 10 percent from 30% two years back, rental yields have fallen by the greater part. "All the fresher undertakings in South Mumbai are in the ultra-extravagance portion and it's hard to track down purchasers for these higher arrangement

4.      Suitable for NRIs

Piramal Realty caters to not only locals but also NRIs. It has a section dedicated to them. Those Indians who live abroad can find information on luxury residential projects under this category.  The front room is bifurcated into three segments, each opening up to a sun deck.

5.      Availability of Latest Information

Although Piramal Realty is a site solely dedicated to the real estate ventures of the Piramal Group, you can still find information on the real estate sector, on the whole. The news section covers the latest happenings in the market not only in Mumbai but India as well. Similarly, the blog section has interesting, up to date information on various topics related to the real estate sector in India.

So, if you want to keep updated with what’s happening in the Indian property market, Piramal Realty has got you covered. The rooms and guestrooms are unpretentious yet complex in its style. They have no uproarious components and each have deck locales that reflect downplayed plushness.

6.      E-Tour Facility

Being a part of the Piramal Group, Piramal Realty platform has a state-of-the-art design and website layout offering the latest facilities. One such facility that is exclusive to Piramal Realty is the virtual viewing of their properties.

The plan viewpoint of the sky homes depends on the creation and blend of extravagance in type of open rooms, rich galleries, high roofs and restrictiveness remainder with the ocean see and customized conveniences like an immediate lift and sun decks appended to each living space.

The feeling of extravagance is achieved with the utilization of materials and surfaces like finished silk, cowhide, wood, silk mixed woolen rugs, Italian marble, gold leafing and carefully assembled precious stone light fixtures.

Therefore, if you are looking for luxury apartments in South Mumbai, look no further because with Piramal Realty, you can take the e-tours of Piramal Mahalaxmi. It is the most happening and opulent residential complex you can find anywhere in SoBo enjoying exclusive views of the Racecourse.

The business community at World One also has been nicely intended to bring to the table inhabitants all the solace and comfort of working productively from home – a pre-essential in the present worldwide business climate that requests working across various areas and time regions


To sum it all up, if you’re looking for information on Piramal projects then no property portal can cater to your needs like Piramal Realty.

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